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Uber Clone 2022: The World’s Most Advanced App Like Uber

The on-demand taxi app solution, world-renowned as the Uber Clone app has made its name in the 21st century. From providing a convenient taxi booking service to a safer way to travel across the city, this app has already won a million hearts. That being said, it is important for entrepreneurs to recognize how fantastic this app is as quickly as possible. Why? Because the right time to launch the app is now. If you want to become a big name in the transportation industry in your region, then launch this advanced taxi booking app clone right now!

Why Is Uber Clone Called an Advanced Taxi App?

By advanced one means it is made with futuristic technology, has state-of-the-art features, and is looked upon by the tech-savvy generation. Therefore, this taxi app is called ‘advanced’. To prove, let’s list down the groundbreaking features and technology of this mobile app.

  1. Pub-Sub technology

The Pub Sub technology used in this mobile app works to make the navigation smoother than ever. The technology is integrated on top of Google Maps. The powerful integration and collaboration between maps and Pub-Sub make the movement of cars on the map smooth like butter.

  1. Advanced analytics

The taxi booking app provides the app owner with plenty of insights and analytics about:

  • The drivers’ and passengers’ activities
  • Number of rides completed
  • Commission earned
  • Passengers’ preferred mode of payment
  • High-demand areas

All of these statistics, measures, and insights empower the app owner to get a better overview of the business. In brief, you can better run your business with these pieces of information.

  1. Advanced reports

The Uber clone taxi app provides access to advanced reports to the app owner. This report directly points out how much the business is earning! Evidently, the app provides you with additional information about:

  • Where do you need to put more effort?
  • Whether to increase the commission or not?
  • How much marketing needs to be done?

Consequently, the additional information and advanced reports help the app owner craft a better business plan.

  1. God’s eye view for better services

God’s eye view is one of the best features of the taxi app solution. The app owner can see all of the taxis registered with the app on the world map. This feature shows the status of all the taxis that are currently online. Using the real-time, advanced GPS tracking system, the app owner can see if the taxi is busy or empty at a glance. In brief, the app owner is empowered to keep track of all the taxis.

  1. Surge pricing

Surge pricing is basically the extra cost that is charged by the app for booking a taxi ride. And the customers have to pay this “extra cost”. The app owner can decide their own pricing depending on different events or during a specific time and day. For instance, the taxi app companies usually charge a higher amount during:

  • Rush hours
  • Weekends
  • National holidays

The sugar pricing is reflected on the Uber Clone taxi app right when the user is booking a ride and even in the summary invoice at the end.

The Most Advance Profit-making App of 2022

Besides being an advanced app, this taxi app solution also provides its owner with an abundant treasure of profits. Thus, more than just being an advanced app, it is also a money-making machine!

App owners earn unlimited commissions on every ride that gets rendered through the app. Plus, additional revenue is generated from third-party Facebook/Google in-app advertising, surge pricing, and even cancellation fee.

Wrapping Up:

To wrap up the blog, let’s take a recap of why Uber Clone is called an advanced taxi booking app. One, it has numerous trailblazing features. Two, it is designed and coded with every latest app development technology there could be.

So, get the app from a well-established white-labeling company right away and launch this advanced app in just 1 – 2 weeks!

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