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Types and Benefits of Oil Cooler in Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic machines generate heat. The movement of hydraulic fluid between components generates heat. Efficiency levels can be improved by focusing on energy consumption rather than particle contamination. Heat is generated by all additions, such as depth filters. Orifices, throttles, and hydrostats could be used in open circuits. As pressures drop inside motors and pumps, heat production increases.

Dropping pressures result in energy waste when hydraulic machines are operated. It is not possible to eliminate them, but they can be minimized by installing hydraulic oil cooler from the leading hydraulic oil chiller manufacturers.


Friction is reduced when the machine’s components are adequately lubricated. Devices with high friction levels wear out more quickly and lose their integrity. In order to achieve optimal performance levels, oil viscosity must be appropriate. During machine operation, viscosity levels decrease. Oil becomes thicker as the machine cools. Approximately 20 centiStokes (cSt) is a good thickness.


Oil coolers help to maintain the temperature at the perfect level while ensuring that the components of the machine stay for long. With the use of a good quality hydraulic oil cooler from the leading hydraulic oil chiller manufacturers you can improve the efficiency of the machine to the optimum level. The hydraulic oil coolers maintain and repair the equipment in an effective manner.

Sizing hydraulic coolers appropriately is crucial to reaping their benefits. Too small devices cause the oil to become too hot. Overheating occurs when coolers are too large.

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Hydraulic Coolers for Hydraulic Machines


Heat is used to diffuse hot air in air-cooled systems. In order to regulate temperatures, the cooler forces cold air over the fluid inside the heat exchanger’s coil. As hot air is needed to keep systems cold, operating costs are relatively low.


Cold fluids are used to regulate temperatures in water-cooled systems. To reduce contamination, a barrier separates the liquids. Their quiet operation, compact design, and indifferent effect on the surrounding ambiance make them a much better choice. A similar degree of independence is also observed between its cooling capacity and the temperature outside and around it.

How to Select a Good Hydraulic Cooler

The first step is to choose the right type of cooler. Application is the second factor. In order to choose a hydraulic oil cooler, the following information must be assembled:

  • Maximum system temperature
  • Type of fluid that needs cooling
  • Fluid-flow rate
  • Maximum pressure drop
  • Heat load


Identifying the heat load is the most crucial step. Owners choose operating efficiency by assuming a percentage. 80% of an operating machine’s input power is heat-loaded, while 20% is appropriated by its capability. An accurate calculation can be made by using a formula. In order to determine the heat load, experts can measure pressure losses and flow rates analytically.


When engineers calculate the size of the oil cooler, they apply a “safety factor.” A safety factor represents contingencies. It depends on the degree of confidence in the heat load calculations and how much should be considered. It is common for engineers to start their calculations with ambient air temperatures of around 100°F and water temperatures of around 80°F, even when these temperatures are unlikely to be reached.

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The presence of hydraulic oil coolers at work assures us that the equipment is properly maintained. With full viscosity and hydraulic energy, the oil is flowing optimally. Despite losses, the electrically powered cooler’s mechanical ability drives air across the copper and aluminum passageways, utilizing the oil’s ability to function as a heat exchange mechanism, dissipating heat harmlessly into the surrounding air, as its second attribute.

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