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Travel Guide To Visit In El Salvador

Although it has little to offer the photographer and a poor reputation, it remains one of the most visited. It’s a great place to get off the beaten path.

El Salvador was almost an accident. I travelled from the South to the North of Mexico when I came across the Guatemalan border. Guatemala was pleasant, but I was limited in time, and the terrain made it impossible to travel too far from the Great Central American Dope Trail. That trip was terrible for the Lonely Planet. We were on our way to the village where turtles lay eggs. I was astonished at this unusuality and Bob Marley’s dopey fashion cult of indigenous people. Luke was there to help me escape to El Salvador because no one else did.

Why? There are several reasons. Lonely Planet readers have stated that there isn’t much to see. It’s also far from Guatemala’s main drag to Utila in northern Honduras. It is where everyone must scuba dive. Others feel anxious. If you didn’t know, El Salvador ended its civil war in 1992 after 12 years of bloody istanbul escort carnage. People grew so used to sleeping with guns that the country is still armed to their teeth. El Salvador is a small country with little to see, but it has a bad reputation. We have more to offer.

A few people had already been to San Salvador, and they then took a bus to Guatemala. However, we didn’t meet anyone who had ever visited the country, and we didn’t know what we were in for and were also nervous.

It was pleasant, with many coastal colours. We had covered a third of the country in 2 hours and reached the capital. We were immediately attracted to San Salvador’s phlegmatic and robust presence. There was a great sense of order in San Salvador, especially after Guatemala City. Although the city’s edges are sharper than others, it is still a city that can show its teeth from time to time; chaos would certainly not fit the description.

We found no ruins, but a one-arm lady greeted us as we checked into the hostel. As soon as we walked out, we purchased a coconut from an older woman with one leg.

We didn’t feel any danger. However, we stayed in a highly protected area of the city that day. I realized that El Salvador was not as dangerous as Guatemala. It is one of those countries that is great to visit, even though everyone thinks it’s unsafe. There were many shotguns in the country: at a pharmacy and an internet café, one would see every 50-100 meters. Ordinary people carried machetes and kept their guns at home. Know everything about Qatar Airways Cancellation Policy before booking a flight to El Salvador.

Luke was disappointed. He came to El Salvador because of guns. According to his Lonely Planet, you could purchase them at a market. We spent the first day trying to find out how to do this. He would walk up to the stalls to ask if they sold shotguns. We realized that LP had betrayed our trust. Again. However, we managed to find many holsters and purchased two machetes that were large enough to blend in.

Luke reminds the next day that shooting ranges were available in Cambodia, another country where everyone has a gun. After a few drinks, we decided to ask the reception girl at the hostel if she knew of one. The concerned girl called the manager’s number and told him that two drunk gringos were calling to ask where they could hire guns. After much explaining, I felt stupid.

Luke had run out of options. He kept approaching security guards in the streets, begging them for their guns. Let’s get to the field. I will pay you.” Some people shook their heads politely while others frowned. Naturally, this phrase can misinterpret. Luke, who It now destroyed, decided enough was enough and crossed the border to Honduras.

You will spend more time in El Salvador if you stay for an extended period. San Salvador isn’t that interesting. The number of things to see is deficient, and it seems more residential. The crowded centre has become a dirty market. The country is small, and travel arrangements that it’s much easier to get to the capital anywhere, even if you are far east. The city is pleasant, has good places to visit both day and night, and offers a more cosmopolitan vibe. Tourism is still relatively new to the town. There are only a handful of decent hostels, even though many.

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