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Top Tips For Your Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies take away the burden of your HR department if you hire their services in the long term. They make sure all your vacancies are filled with the right candidates.

Sometimes many companies who wish to keep a strict check on the employees and new interns also monitor these agencies’ work by working closely with the agency. However, some say that this is just extra effort.

This is because your company is already interviewing the candidates sent by the agency. Therefore, there is enough effort put into shortlisting the candidates. The process should not be any more lengthy.

Recruitment agencies are surely worth the time if you have a small business or you don’t have enough expertise to manage an HR department. Many small businesses just hire one or two HRs that are expert enough to provide the expertise of an entire department.

It depends on the requirements of a business if they need an entire department or they can outsource the work. Remember that hiring candidates is not like managing the website of an eCommerce business.

Many e-commerce businesses outsource tasks like managing content; however, outsourcing recruitment is not that straightforward. The company has to keep a strict check and balance in the process.

Especially in times when platforms like Linkedin and have eased the task for everyone, managing HR is a bigger responsibility. This is because many people who know nothing about HR have started saying they do so.

These platforms can expose your organization to a large group of people who might not even be the right target candidates. Therefore, you might start receiving CVs from the wrong people, making it harder and more time-consuming for you to shortlist people.

A useful hack for hiring the right candidates and getting to the target audience is writing some of the requirements as heading in the post.

How To Choose The Best Recruitment Agency

Choosing the right recruitment agencies Hertfordshire offers is a big task for the company if they don’t manage an HR department. However, if you did have an HR department you are shutting down now, it might be easier for you to find a good recruitment agency.

The reason is that you already have the expertise in recruitment and know exactly what you’re looking for. This helps you decide what your priorities are for recruitment.

Some companies want an agency that brings up growth candidates without being too tight on the budget. Others prioritize the fees and outsourcing expenses. On the other hand, some organizations value quality over quality or vice versa.

All these factors impact what agency you select and even how you deal with it! Try to find the agencies that rightly fit your needs! Remember, keeping your budget closely in mind doesn’t mean that you can always settle for anything less than the best.

And don’t worry, it isn’t that hard. One of the tips we constantly give in counseling sessions is that you should look for the market reviews rather than the actual package they offer. Many times the package might mislead you.

While you are searching for the right agency, you can also carry out HR online on platforms like linked in PayScale. After all, if these agencies can take the aid of these social media platforms, so can you!

The recruitment agencies Hertfordshire offers a lot of variety, you can choose any of them. However, make sure that you work with them for better results. How? Let’s see below!

Tips To Make The Agency Work Better

Keep Check and Balance

Monitoring the work of the recruitment agency you hire is crucial! We say this because you might not know if the agency has forwarded a candidate on the right basis or not. Now we don’t say this because they might forward a candidate with no right qualifications.

But, they could forward someone with a bad temperament. If you outsource the entire work and don’t give your department heads a say, it might mean the new candidate won’t fit for very long.

The Culture and Environment Of The Organization

One solution to the above mentioned issue is for the agency to know your company inside out. Now, this is not only possible with a tour of your workplace but a little more.

Allow your managers to make the recruiters take a survey and work with your departments for a while, so they get to know you. This way, the recruitment agencies Hertfordshire offers will have better access to your company’s core values.

Develop A Learning Culture In Your Company

One crucial aspect of hiring and keeping the right recruitment agencies in Hertfordshire as your outsourcing partner is ensuring adaptability. The recruitment managers or team members will often make a tour and interview with your managers to ensure long-term placement.

For this, your team should be ever ready and should adjust their environment to make it suit everyone from the agency.

Compelling Work On Job Descriptions

Another crucial tip when choosing the recruitment agencies Hertfordshire has to offer is to work with them step by step. Some companies let their agencies write everything from job descriptions to HR posts and comments.

Others give out a full-fledged job description themselves. Having a job description from the company is better because it’s more likely to be comprehensive.

Only the company and its managers better know the requirements of a candidate and whether they would be good for a seat. And make sure you write descriptions that outline every level of the process.

Whether it’s about employees posting job-related stuff on their social media or on-site work, mention it. Another useful tip is to always mention a salary range to attract employees!


For better guidance on effectively recruiting and training employees, check the Recruiting 360 website! They have many useful hacks and tricks for HRs and agencies to help you! Remember, recruitment agencies Hertfordshire has are very diverse in their culture.

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