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Top Museums: Ash Vale Near by Tourist Places

Ash Vale Near by Museums

Tourism is a multibillion-dollar industry in the UK. employing more than 2 million people and making up more than 80% of the total visitor economy in the country. That being said, it works together with a huge range of sectors. Including farming, museums, the arts, retail, sports, and transport.

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The UK government has spent a lot of time investing in visitor attractions to cater to various foreign and local tourists. One particular place of interest with lots of popular attractions to offer is the city of Ash Vale. If you are wondering where Ash Vale is located? You can check it out by hailing a taxi. In addition, you shouldn’t get confused because it is just within Surrey in England.

Why visit Ash Vale near by tourist places


The popularity of Ash Vale’s history may not be equivalent to the other cities in the UK, but that doesn’t keep tourists from visiting the place year after year.

It is a smaller but beautiful tourist destination deserving of your visit. You might consider this a hidden destination but you will be surprised by some of the unique things that you can do and places that you can explore here.

Read a Little Bit

If you are planning to visit the UK but are not sure if you will include Ash Vale in your itinerary, then spend a little bit of time reading through this article to get more ideas about the place.

Additionally, here are the top museums that you can see for the first time during your stay in the city. You never know how much you are going to miss if you don’t include Ash Vale and its nearby tourist destinations.

Ash Vale Taxis services can be more favorable when you like to hop from one tourist destination to the next not covered by the Transport for London bus service. When you click here, you can book a taxi service in advance to avoid the rush.

Top museums to visit near by Ash Vale

Museum of Military Medicine

This is formerly called the Army Medical Services Museum located in Keogh Barracks, Mytchett in Surrey. It currently houses the collections of Queen Alexandra’s Royal Army Nursing Corps, Royal Army Medical Corps, the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, and the Royal Army Dental Corps.

You will see some collections on display which include some insignia and uniforms, dental, medical, and veterinary equipment, ambulances, and a huge collection of Victoria Crosses given to the Army Medical Services. The museum also has a shop for tourists.

Aldershot Military Museum

Queens Avenue, just northeast of Ash Vale is where you can find the Aldershot Military Museum, one of the museums you can visit near the city. This museum is a testimony of the story of daily life for both civilians and soldiers.


You can admire the tanks on display or take on the assault course and take part in the hands-on activities. Moreover, this museum is a great place where the whole family can enjoy and have fun.

Explore the local history gallery, the Boyce building, the military history gallery, and Montgomery’s barn, and challenge yourself or your children with the World War II assault course. This is where they can climb, jump, leap, and swing in the action-packed assault course that is inspired by real assault courses that were used during the Second World War.

Farnborough Air Sciences Museum

This location offers tourists like you a collection of planes, engines, wind tunnels, and other artifacts. It is a museum intended to give pride to the aviation heritage and its significant contribution to air science and research. Moreover, it offers an essential educational resource and a good way for anyone interested in aviation history and scientific progress to have a fun and stimulating day out.

Visitors tagging along with children can also take advantage of the interactive exhibitions and kids’ corners with activity sheets, quizzes, and other challenges for the little ones. For parents or grandparents, you can also fancy a break at the coffee lounge while visiting the Farnborough Air Science Museum.

Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces Museum

if you can’t get enough of museums, you can also visit the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces Museum at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford Building in Farnham. A lot of tourists come to this establishment to take photos and learn the story of the British Airborne Forces from 1940 up to this day.

Guildford Museum

The Guildford Museum is on the narrow road lined by pre-20th century cottages. Running just off the pedestrianized High Street on Quarry Street in Guildford. The site provides a program of temporary exhibitions that are constantly changing. The entrance to the museum is free. But you have to book a museum staff. To give talks about the history of Guildford and Surrey.

Is Ash Vale a nice place to live in?

Understandably, people would also ask the question ‘Is Ash Vale a nice place to live in? Of course, the answer to that question is definitely yes. Indeed, Ash Vale is a great place to move in and live.

First off, it is a great location to invest. Because of the steady increase in the value of the property market. At the same time, it has a range of schools and train stations close by.

Commuting is never a problem via public buses, trains, and taxi ash vale services for hire. In addition, it has a low crime rate, which is excellent for families who want to relocate to the area.

Transport options when visiting Ash Vale tourist attractions

There are lots of transport options when you visit the city of Ash Vale. From any point within the city to its main tourist attractions you can travel by bus or taxi service. On the other hand, you may consider bicycling, hiking, or motorcycling which depends on your liking.

You should know that London buses will not accept cash payments to ride toward your destination. You have to buy the ticket from the terminal to facilitate your trip.

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