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Top Guidelines for Writing Illustrations of the Research paper


A research paper is a paper in which the researcher explains what you researched. You can write your opinion, thoughts, and knowledge in a research paper based on the research conducted. First, you have to choose a topic and, search for it, gather all the vital information about it. Second, you have to put your ideas or thoughts to solve the problem by providing supporting evidence. It is like an essay where you talk about your topic in depth. You can include the information from the relative books, articles, and different sites available on the internet. They are like academic essays, in which you write your research in detail. It shows your research skills and your understanding of the given topic.

Ensure that you have created accurate and original information based on research. Research papers should be well organized to give a clear image of what you have researched. If your paper is not clear, the audience will misunderstand what you want to convey. Clarity of your ideas is essential in a research paper. There are some methods by which you can make your research paper successful.

Functions of a research paper:

A research paper tells the audience the purpose of your research. The audience will get a direction on what the researcher wants to say and how it benefits them. Your research paper shows the scope of your idea. It tells the audience what the specific focus of the researcher is.

The primary purpose of the research paper is to inform the reader what you have to say about the existing knowledge of the topic and what you have discovered from the research. It may be a solution to a specific issue, or it may be an argumentative paper. When writing research, you have to decide the best way to communicate with the audience.

If you want to make your research paper effective and achieve academic success, you can get research paper writing help. They will help you focus on the illustrations of the research paper. If your data is in the form of numeric values, you will use tables in your research paper. Your words appear more potent when you put figures in your content.

Guidelines to format illustrations (Tables, Figures) in a research paper:

The formatting of figures and tables in the research paper has a powerful impact. You can describe the new trends and ideas with the help of figures and tables. They increase the readability of the research paper, where the table shows the list of numbers or essential data and its classification. Existing literature can be expressed in the form of a table. You can also add different survey question and their answers to the table. In this form, the reader gets to understand the flow of your research. Tables are used to present or compare the contents of the raw data.

Figures are also used to enhance the readability of the research paper. They are in the form of graphics like charts and smart arts to show the flow. Figures have an impressive impact on your audience, and thus they communicate your findings effectively. They are the visual presentation of your research work. Figures should not depend on what you write in tables, but they should provide a visual preview of the analysis. Illustrations should convey new information about the research study and tables. Tables and figures are the common elements in illustrations of a research paper. Let’s go through the guidelines to add them to your research paper.

Formatting Tables in the research paper:

You can make a table using a word processor or MS Excel. Elements of a table include a title that is the name of the table and column titles that are the heading of each column. You can add many columns according to your data. The body of the table may include qualitative data or quantitative data. You can also include subheadings according to your data. A well-organized table enhances the presentation of your data. It is the easiest way for the reader to read out your thoughts and point of view.

Their understanding capability increases when they read your research content in the form of a table. The formatting table illustrates your research paper very well. When formatting a table, remember you put the correct data in the right column. Always proofread it after you have done it. Because in tables, your mistake can change the whole output. It will also create misunderstandings, and the reader will get confused. The presentation of the significant data illustrations of the research paper improves readability. The table consists of three main things. These are

  • Title
  • Column Title and
  • Title Body


The title is the caption or heading of the table, which describes what type of information the table contains. You can add lengthy data information to your table, but the title should be descriptive or short. When formatting a table, get help from the published research papers.

Column Titles:

Column titles are the headings of every column, which give a clear image of what type of data or information each column has. They are used to analyze the type of data. They should be descriptive so that the reader can understand the nature of the data.

Body of the Table:

At this part, you enter your data, whether it is in the form of numerical or textual form. Keep in mind what you want to convey to the reader when adding data to the body of the table.

Formatting Figures in the research paper:

Figures come in many forms. They may appear in charts, intelligent arts, or even a pivot table. Use a creative mind to choose compelling illustrations for research papers to enhance the appearance of your data. You can add graphs to show the relationship between different variables used in the illustrations of the research paper. Graphics provide the best illustrations of the research paper.


The researcher aims to provide a clear perspective on his thoughts/ findings. For this purpose, illustrations of the research paper are necessary. The table and figures help you to construct your arguments or observation effectively. The above tips are helpful for you in making the illustrations for the research paper.

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