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Top 5 Challenges to manage Online Examination Process

Top 5 Challenges to manage Online Examination Process

Are you unsure to trust the online examination system for your exams and institute? Then, here are the top 5 challenges you can manage for the smooth functioning of an online examination process!

What is an online examination system?

A rise in technology has come up with a system that enables the institute to conduct exams remotely with the help of the internet. Leaving the traditional method of exams  COVID-19 made all of us switch over from a conventional model to an online mode. This method helps in reducing the resources required to conduct exams and makes the examiner’s job easier. It takes all information of the student, uploads question banks, accepts both MCQs and subjective answers, and shows quick results.

The online examination software collects all student’s data and information and authenticates them.

All student’s activities are proctored and any suspicious activities are noticed.

What is the purpose and role of an online examination system?

Online examination system just like its traditional mode is conducted to check the subject knowledge of the students. The online examination process eliminates all logistical drawbacks and hassles of the traditional method.

Benefits of an online examination system

– Time saver which automates all information beforehand for the authorities as well as students.

–  Offers security with is different proctoring methods.

– Cost-effective and effort-consuming.

–  Error risk-free as compared to conventional method where human error risk is high.

– Reduces the workload of the faculty members.

– Works remotely.

MasterSoft ERP has come up with the top 5 challenges to manage the online examination process!

  • Unstable Server:

The biggest hurdle of the online examination process is access to stable internet which is scarce in rural areas. Students face ceaseless issues due to network glitches and slow servers. Thus the researchers in this field have come up with Time-Adaptive for Mobile E-Exam (TAMEx) which is a solution for a loss of connection occurring during the exam. It automatically provides additional time to the candidate who faces connection issues during the test.

Thus, MasterSoft can be a help as it has support from Online Examination Experts who instantly solve issues while students operate.

And therefore the challenge of internet connection is a must to be managed for smooth execution of an online examination.

  • Security Risk:

Secure conduction of an online examination is the need of the hour. Online Authentication of Candidates should be based on unique User ID, Passwords, and OTP for granted security.

MasterSoft ERP with its online examination management system saves the data of the candidate. And the system is hosted on a highly secure cloud-based server & data encryption for 100% data security which secures student information with safe backup procedures.

  • Misconduct and Increased Cheating:

Another hindrance faced during the online examination system is the increased chances of misconduct , plagiarism, and cheating. To overcome these the software should disable other applications and browsers during exam.

has an image as well as video proctoring which records students’ movement in image or video form for future references. Student Examination System has centralized information about the students which helps in the verification of students’ identity to avoid any case of impersonation.

  • Descriptive Answer Type:

MasterSoft ERP supports MCQs as well as descriptive types of questions and also supports different exam patterns including – MCQs, Descriptive Tests, Quizzes, etc. It also has a provision to upload answers along with images & diagrams for descriptive answers.

  • Delayed Result:  

Therefore auto-graded results are a must in any online examination software. This challenge can be managed with MasterSoft ERP auto evolution of question papers which allows the display of error-free exam results within a short span of time.

Why MasterSoft Online Examination Software?

MasterSoft ERP online examination software is potent which manages all examination activities virtually such as students registration, verification, invigilation, result processing, and many such. The system centralizes the data of the students for the institute and makes it hassle-free.

Connect with MasterSoft ERP today implement new learning approaches and teaching methods with MasterSoft!

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