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Top 10 Uses Of Vector Algebra In Daily Life

Vector Algebra

Vector quantity consists of magnitude as well as direction. Some examples include velocity, force, torque, and electromagnetic fields. 

It is said that mathematics is the language of physics. When you study physics, you will see a wide range of mathematical concepts and principles. Vector algebra is important for the calculation of any vectorial unit. For example, a car travels, has initial velocity, final velocity, and acceleration, and also possesses torque due to spin, gravitational force, and frictional force. You will need vector Alger to obtain the outcome. One can check the torque formula class 12 .

Given below are the top 10 uses of vector algebra in daily life. 

  • Projectile

In sports like baseball and basketball, vector algebra is used. Players need to shoot the target and throw the ball in any direction at some angle which can be done only by using a vector application. In addition, games like Javelin throw require proper knowledge of projectiles so that athletes can throw the Javelin as far as possible. 

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  • Military usage

Military weapons such as cannons firing depend on the angle of projection. Different cannons need different angles of projection. Vector algebra must decide where the projectile will hit on the ground.

  • Roller coaster

During roller coasters, motion occurs due to gravitational pull. When the compartment reaches the highest point, it will gain enough speed to be affected by gravitational force. Due to this, it will reach the top again until all the energy is lost due to friction. However, it is important to construct all the safety measures for controlling acceleration and velocity. 

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  • Vector algebra in gaming

Position vectors are used in the location and direction of various places and locations. The position vectors give an idea about the distance of the thing, and the velocity vectors tell the amount of force required. The direction vector states how to apply force.  

  • Boat crossing river

A boat crossing a river is the application of relative velocity. It depends on the velocity of the water flowing, the velocity of the boat, and the angle of drift between them. The boatman determines the perfect angle to reach the other shore directly. 

  • During cricket game

It is essential to hit the ball to get a boundary. There are three possibilities after hitting the ball – maximum score, catch out and drop before the fielder. The angle of shooting the ball determines all these.

  • Crosswind

Crosswind is known as the wind that blows in the perpendicular direction to the path of one who is traveling. When planes touch down, they face difficulty due to crosswind.

Pilots determine the resultant velocity with the help of vector algebra. 

  • Banking of road

Outer edges of curved roads are raised above their inner edge to give the required centripetal force. It is done so that the vehicles can take a safe turn. 

  • Pendulum

The pendulum string of the pendulum has two components of vectors. These are necessary to balance the weight and to give the centripetal force. 

  • Earth’s magnetic field 

The magnetic field of the earth has two components. These two components are B and H. They are parallel to the surface and perpendicular to the earth’s surface. Two methods of producing a magnetic field are By using a permanent magnet we can produce a magnetic field and it can be visualized by spreading iron fillings on white paper and keeping a magnet beneath the paper. Also, it can be generated by the movement of molten iron in Earth’s core, the magnetic field shields our planet from cosmic radiation and the charged particles radiated by our Sun. It also equips the basis for navigation with a compass.

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Vector algebra is used in daily life to help in the description of external forces acting on the body. It is used in the localization of places and things. The phenomenon of physics contains a huge amount of vector algebra applications ranging from falling off any object to launching a rocket.

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