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Tips to Choose a Parsons Table

If you’re looking for a new dining table, there are several things to consider when shopping for a Parsons table. Here, we’ll talk about the size, finish, and extension options you may have for this piece of furniture. We’ll also cover the height, or extension, of the table. Depending on the type of use you have for it, you may even want to choose a parsons table with legs.


The size of a parsons table can vary greatly, and this article will go over some of the most common sizes. While the traditional parsons table can accommodate eight to 10 people, it is possible to have one customized to fit a smaller space. A Parsons table is extremely versatile and can be adapted to almost any size, from counter height to long and rectangular. If you are looking for a smaller table, there are options available to choose from on 1stDibs.

A Parsons table has a very modern, streamlined design that makes it easy to match with virtually any type of furniture. It looks good with an Eames chair, an Oriental lamp, or imposing woodwork. But if you want a more traditional table, there are many other options available, from mid-century to contemporary. You can also use a Parsons table to display framed pictures and potted plants. A Parsons table is so versatile that you can push it against a wall in a foyer or mudroom.

A Parsons table has straight, flush surfaces and square legs that form the four corners of the top. Each leg is equal to the top’s thickness. The table may have been created as part of a design class, or may have been an original student project. Early prototypes of this style can be found in the work of U.S. designer Joseph B. Platt and French architect Jean-Michel Frank, both of whom were associated with the Paris branch of the Parsons School of Design.

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The finish on a Parsons table is one of the most important aspects. This durable square or rectangular table is constructed using solid legs that sit flush with the tabletop edges. Unlike other tables, the legs on a Parsons table are not proportionate to the size of the tabletop. As such, you can choose any type of finish and color that will complement the style of your home. The following are some important points to consider when choosing a finish for your Parsons table.

First, think about where you want the table to be located in your home. If you are adding the table in the foyer, it can give a warm impression of your home. Consider a brown or glass finish for a more relaxing vibe. On a more modern look, choose a steel or stainless steel finish. Parsons tables are also great for displaying centrepieces and framed photos. You can choose a slimmer version if your room is narrow and you don’t want to clutter the space.

Oil-based finishes are also an option for a parsons table. These tend to maintain the natural feel and texture of wood while enhancing the colour. While they require frequent reapplying, they also protect the wood from spillages. This option requires a bit of maintenance, but can be done at home. You can mix different types of oils to achieve the desired finish. You can find tung oil, linseed oil, danish oil, and danish oil.

Extension options

The classic lines of a Parsons table make it a timeless addition to an entertaining space. A Parsons table can be found in many finishes, making it an ideal choice for traditional or eclectic interiors. Choose a finish that complements your existing furnishings and choose from a selection of leaf panel and main panel lengths. If you don’t have a lot of room in your dining room, consider a table that extends.


A Parsons table has three major components: the top, legs, and base. The top is centered, and the legs support the weight of the tabletop. The legs can also be rotated. The base is made of wood, and the table is often made with two or three legs. Depending on the height, the table can be either counter-height or standing-height. If you’re considering purchasing a new Parsons table, there are many options to choose from.

First, you’ll want to choose a tabletop. Fortunately, this can be done quite easily. Parsons tables are generally rectangular or square, with legs that always sit flush against the tabletop’s edges. You can also choose from wood or marble tops. You’ll find a wide variety of materials available for the tabletop, and it’s very easy to make a decision based on style.


The Parsons table is a simple rectangular table with square legs and overall flush surfaces. Its four legs are of equal diameter to the thickness of the tabletop. The table’s design is attributed to the 1920s and may have originated as a class project. Early prototypes can be found in the works of U.S. and French interior designers connected to the Paris branch of Parsons School of Design. However, these tables are not always identical to their name-brand counterparts.

Despite being popular today, the Parsons table can be customized to the last millimeter. In addition to the top and base material, the table can be made entirely out of different materials. Often, these tables are handmade in Minnesota or Wisconsin. The dimensions of a Parsons table are important for many reasons. One is its classic design, and another is its practicality. A table of this style is often made of materials that are easy to clean.

A Parsons table features a glass or marble top, which makes it an attractive and versatile accent table for a living room. When used as a centerpiece for a table, these tables often feature decorative bowls in solid colors or industrial metals. To finish off its look, consider adding a table runner. Parsons tables also make great places for displaying framed photos and potted plants. During winter months, it can be pushed against the wall in a mudroom or foyer.

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