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Tips for Your First Long-distance Move

Planning your first long-distance move could be challenging as you have no idea what and what not to consider. Well, this can be exciting too if you will get a guide to plan your interstate move.

Before planning your move, you must be aware of the common problems that you may face during an intercity move. No matter what types of tips you are looking for, this article has got your back.

Here you will find the best tips to make your first intercity shifting a memorable experience for you. Also, you will be able to plan all your future moves proficiently.

Planning is the Key to Success

This point needs no introduction. We all are very well aware of this fact. When you want to succeed in life you need a foolproof plan. Similarly, when you want to have a successful household relocation then you should plan your move.

Start planning your move the day you got to know or decide to relocate. If it’s a job relocation and your employer is helping you then there’s nothing to worry about. Your employer will book reliable IBA-approved packers and movers in Delhi NCR for your help. You can simply rely on the movers to relocate your stuff safely to the designated location.

But, if you are moving by yourself then you will have to do lots of planning. How will you relocate? where you will be arranging the packaging materials from? And where to look for reliable packers and movers? These are the common questions we must think about and plan for. Only this way you can enjoy a safe and hassle-free move.

Picking a Date to Move

Now, select a date to relocate. When deciding the date and time to relocate your belongings, you must consider the moving season. If it’s summer then you should wait for the season to end because this is the peak season when people relocate. Due to the higher demand, packers &movers increase their charges.

But sometimes you have no other option than to move during summertime. For such scenarios, we recommend avoiding the beginning and end of the month, as these are the busiest time for moving companies. Also, when it comes to selecting the best time for moving in a week then go for weekdays instead of weekends.

Getting Multiple Quotations

Hiring the best interstate packers and movers is essential for having a hassle-free long-distance move. And to hire the right removals, you should get multiple quotes from top licensed movers and packers in Delhi NCR.

Moving agencies will either conduct an in-home inspection in person or on a video call. This will help them evaluate your goods and they will determine the charges. After which they will provide an estimate to you. Get quotations from at least three moving companies in Delhi for your intercity relocation. These quotes will help you compare packers and movers’ charges and shortlist the ones that fit your budget.

Choosing the Right Moving Company

Now you have shortlisted the best packers and movers that fit your budget too. Now, it’s time to select the right removal company that meets your requirements. To know which one is the best for your move, visit their office and meet in person. Conduct an interview and ask a few important questions that will help you to know more about the agency and its staff.

Ensure the company is licensed and can provide you referrals of their previous customers. Also, check the company’s work experience. For how long the company has been in this business and what are its specializations. Remember only price is not the important thing to consider to hire interstate packers and movers in Delhi.

Buying Transit Insurance

A long-distance move can be risky. No matter whether you are moving with professional movers or doing it yourself, uncertainty is everywhere. Accidents can happen to anyone. Although moving agencies take precautionary measures, but nobody knows what gonna happen next. And transit insurance prevents you from such uncertainties. Insurance will help you to cover the damage costs that have occurred during transportation.

Your mover will share all the required information with you related to transit insurance and coverage. But, you must read their terms and condition. And also, ensure what type of damages the insurance will cover.


After all these things, it’s time to start preparing for your move. Declutter your house by discarding all the useless items. The goods that you don’t want to use or have been not come in use from the past few years should be discarded. If they are in a good condition then selling them is a good option to make extra cash. Likewise, reducing the load will help you to reduce packers and movers charges.

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Packing the Goods

If you have hired full-service packers and movers for your intercity move then you need not worry about packing your stuff. Professional movers will handle everything. But, we recommend packing your personal stuff like jewelry, accessories, laptop, charger, and important documents by yourself. Carry them along with you in your bag to avoid mishandling by movers.

When you move to a long-distance place then ensure you are using

  • Good quality packaging materials
  • Right-sized boxes
  • Not overloading the boxes
  • Labeling every box after packing

If you will follow these tips then you can surely gonna have a safe and smooth long-distance move.


No matter whether moving locally within a city or cross-country, always consider hiring professional packers and movers Bangalore to Kolkata to relocate your home, office, or vehicle. They can ensure a safe and hassle-free move using their skills and experiences.

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