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Tips for Starting a Successful Restaurant Business

Starting a Successful Restaurant Business

If you are reading this article, it is probably because you want to know the right tools to solve the fateful question: “how to start a successful restaurant?”

As you can well imagine, starting a restaurant requires a whole series of bureaucratic procedures that often discourage those who want to start this adventure. Still, despite this, The 2019 Fipe report on catering reports that the investment units in the sector are constantly growing.

I certainly can’t tell you that starting a restaurant is a piece of cake because there are so many things to answer that need to be managed. I guarantee you, however, that seeing your restaurant project carried out is an unparalleled satisfaction. Click here for more info.

Beyond the bureaucratic issues, on which I will write a dedicated article, there are aspects to pay attention to if you want to start a business on the right foot and make the right investments while minimizing potential losses.

To respond to this need, I decided to write 15 more useful tips for those who have doubts about how to start a successful restaurant.

Rely on a press office

A food press office? Yes, you got it right! However, social networks are not the only way to get your name out there; there are many other equally important channels to reach a different audience.

For example, you could spread the news of the new opening of your restaurant through a press release or by inserting the information in some sector newspapers.

Suppose you want to organize an event where other entrepreneurs, prominent figures, or a specific niche of people are present. In that case, it is certainly not enough to create an event on Facebook or advertise it on Integra.

So if you want to follow a winning and integrated food marketing strategy on multiple channels, both online and offline, I recommend that you integrate a professional from the press office into your team.

Be technological

The advantage of starting a new business is that you can make the right investments immediately. A thousand times, I have talked about competition, about the indefinite number of competitors in the restaurant world. This forces entrepreneurs to keep up with the times to avoid lagging behind others.

The present keyword is “technology, ” which is already more than enough motivation to convince you to include it in your restaurant project.

When I talk about technology, I am referring, for example, to the use of management systems for restaurants which for some may be a foregone solution. However, I guarantee you that many companies still do not use them.

This tool saves you time and avoids a flood of errors on orders and the final bill. It also shortens waiting and communication times between the dining room and kitchen and allows you to manage online reservations and the warehouse of your restaurant. If you are interested, I have compiled an accurate list of the ten best software for managing your restaurant in one of my articles.

Another way to make your venue more technological and smarter is to create workstations for ordering with an iPad with a view to self-ordering. With this method, the customer no longer has to wait for the waiter to call. In turn, the waiter will have more time to manage the customers’ more particular and personalized needs and be more focused on service.

For example, if you want to look at it, one of Italy’s most used digital menus is I-practical. In this way, your offer is enhanced through high-quality photos and a detailed description of the products and makes your customer completely independent by cutting down on waiting times.

Calculate the Food Cost in detail

But what does this mean? First, calculating the food cost is essential in managing your earnings and expenses; for each dish, you need to know exactly what the prices are to be incurred.

The first step is to choose a supplier that guarantees an excellent compromise between quality and price. If this changes over time, always try to update yourself and, if necessary, find another supplier.   For those who prefer to do a manual calculation, the food cost can be calculated with excel.

Create a strategic menu

One way to create an efficient menu that can increase your earnings is to rely on the logic of menu engineering.

The menu is one of the pillars of your business and what attracts customers’ attention the most. What if I told you there are techniques to direct the choice and a way to write the perfect menu?

But menu engineering is much more, and above all, it requires specific knowledge and studies. In short, your waiter or yourself certainly cannot create it. In this case, a consultation with a professional could be for you.

Develop your kitchen idea

If you don’t want to be one of many and differentiate yourself from other offers, an essential tip for starting a successful restaurant is personalizing the experience.

You must be authentic, one of a kind, and with a well-defined and recognizable culinary style.

Create an offer for special needs

Select staff carefully

How to start a successful restaurant? First, surround yourself with good and carefully selected green as possible.

The world of catering is exempt from society’s pressing issues. However, we know well how much the point of eco-sustainability is central and important to support, both for personal conscience and corporate image. Today, people expect eco-sustainable choices to be adopted in restaurants as well; for many, it is a reason for appreciation. Click here for more information about read for more articles.




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