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Tips for Mobile App Development for Beginners

Nowadays, the number of mobile applications approaching the PC over the integrated approach is overwhelming. Since the usage of mobile apps is increasingAs such, access through mobile apps has become a matter that companies must consider. As mobile apps become more important, the need to develop mobile apps quickly and easily is bound to increaseIn the past, applications were developed by hiring professional mobile app developers. However, it is quite difficult to develop new mobile apps because of the limited number of developers, high development costs, and the resources required to maintain, and operate existing mobile apps even after development. Also, there is a need to automate app distribution. how to solve this problem?

3 Reasons Mobile App Development Should Be Easy

The Number of Mobile App Users is Increasing

Due to the effective and efficient way of processing work, the rate of processing work using mobile apps is increasing rather than using PCs. This is because mobile apps are not only used as a means of communication with customers but also because it is more effective for employees to process their work through mobile apps. In fact, for some companies that have introduced enterprise mobile apps, business processing through mobile apps has surpassed business processing through PCs. This is because information can be easily checked anywhere without spatial limitations. Recently, many companies have accepted these characteristics and are developing corporate apps.

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We Need to Solve the Dilemma That Occurs in Mobile App Development

New mobile apps need to be developed, but attracting new developers is difficult. This is a dilemma. However, if mobile app development is easy, it can be solved with internal personnel. If you develop a mobile app with internal personnel, you can build a more effective system because you can develop a mobile app with a high understanding of the service and system. In other words, it is a way to solve the dilemma, but also to improve the internal employee workload. Then, what tools can make mobile app development easy?

What to Follow to be a Success Mobile App Developer?

If you want to be a mobile app developer, whether you have zero experience you can switch to a development career, or have some development experience in other fields or you can refer to some good courses to learn the mobile app development process.

The application development world is a very complex environment, there are too many things that can be done in it, and every small branch can become your career. There are many opportunities, but it is also easy to choose anxiety. To complete a task at random, you are faced with hundreds of choices, and you often feel whether it is better to choose another one. Your feeling is right, and there must be a better one.

If you can use an ordinary web page to solve the problem, you don’t need to wait until you learn how to develop an App to solve it. Too many choices can make people feel overwhelmed. The suggestion is, just use what you have to solve the current problem, and then keep evolving as you go. There are many new things in the technical field. Use an open mind to get in touch with new things, and then quickly understand them.

1. Basic tools

Terminal, editor, and source code management, these three are the basic and necessary tools for developers.


Enter some text commands through the terminal to complete the required tasks, such as managing files, controlling servers, and so on. Windows users download and install the full version of Cmder, macOS users use the terminal that comes with the system (Terminal), and then get familiar with completing some tasks under the command line interface (CLI).


VS Code is the code editor of choice this year.

Source Code Management

Git is the best source code management tool. Git is a very important tool in the software development process. Learning this tool does not require you to understand software development first, and the earlier you get familiar with it, the better. The training prepared below is to use Git under the command line interface. In addition to the command line, you can also use Git directly in the editor or using a special graphical tool.

2. Interface design

Learn to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create the interface of the application. This combination is the most worth learning. You will find them everywhere and can make various types of application interfaces. Use HTML to organize the interface content, CSS to design the interface style, and JavaScript to add behavior to the interface.

3. Programming Language

Take JavaScript as your first programming language, and the language will not be your obstacle. Different programming languages have something in common, so if you understand one of them, it will be very easy to learn other languages. By learning JavaScript, you can learn a lot of things, you can develop back-end applications based on Node.js, and you can develop front-end applications, small programs, and even mobile applications.

4. Database

The data of the application must be processed by the database management system. There is a set of communication methods between the database system and the back-end application. The backend application can process the data stored in the database management system through code. There are many types of database systems. The most commonly used is a relational database management system like MySQL.

5. Application Development

Application development has two main parts and they are backend and frontend development. There are several platforms and programming languages individually for both and you have to search which one works with which one.

Backend Development

For backend development, you can go with Node.js which allows us to create the backend using JavaScript. Learn about Node.js itself and study Node.js application frameworks such as Adonis.js, Nest.js, and more when developing a real backend of an application.

Frontend Development

You can go with React.js or Vue.js both can work with the backend by using JavaScript. If you choose to develop frontend applications based on Vue.js, you can consider using Nuxt.js, which is a Vue.js application framework that provides a structure for Vue. js-based applications and configures many things. If you choose to use React.js, you can consider using the Next.js framework.

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Being a developer is all about passion and practice if you are passionate about being a developer and you are consistent to achieve your goal, just practice coding, and development skills. Start by making small projects, you can always take help from YouTube and other platforms that offer value able information.

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