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Tips for cleaning glass surfaces

Glazed surfaces deserve special attention in cleaning tasks. Especially industrial cleaning since the first impression that a client gets when visiting the company’s rooms is very decisivecleaning glass surfaces().

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Of course, cleaning them is difficult because they are delicate surfaces. It requires a lot of attention to avoid leaving traces, marks, or stains. In this article, we are going to present you with the keys to cleaning glass surfaces, presenting you from the tools you can use to the desired characteristics of the chemical products used to treat glass.

Most important, the detergent

There are many types of products for cleaning crystals. We refer to tools such as clothes, scrapers, etc. However, none of them would give good results if a quality detergent that contains what is necessary to remove residues from the surface while leaving it shiny and looking good does not support them.

You can generically call the products used for cleaning glass surfaces chemical detergents, although within these there are many types of different compositions. We could say that we make them offer quick drying and leave no residue. The most advanced ones can include anti-fog or anti-static formulas to extend the time the glass remains clean, or what is the same, to delay the appearance of humidity. There are some window cleaners that even have eco-labels.

Once we have chosen the best chemical detergent for cleaning glass surfaces, it is time to choose the materials with which to apply this detergent or with which to additionally treat the glass to achieve the expected result.

Materials that can treat crystals

Microfiber cloth: we can use it both dry and wet and its results are very good. They are also used to clean dust and all kinds of rooms because, with just a little water, they can remove a large amount of dirt.

Support and buffer: it is telescopic support that can be lengthened and shortened to achieve the size we need and that has a rectangle on its end with a microfiber cloth to clean the crystals. It is ideal for cleaning glazed surfaces that are in height.

Glass cleaning machine: It does not leave drops or streaks, as could happen with some materials such as ergonomic handles for manual cleaning, although they are more expensive. It is wireless, so battery life limits its performance.

Ergonomic window cleaning handle: It is cheap, which represents its main advantage. However, it may leave streaks and some drops.  This is why it may need to be supplemented with a microfiber cloth.

Scraper: It is designed to remove dirt embedded in the glass without damaging the surface. It is not a complete cleaning system but a supplement for residues, we cannot remove this with other methods.

A wide variety of cleaning systems adapted to every need

These are the most common cleaning systems for glass surfaces. However,  in the market, we can find all kinds of curious and advanced solutions used by cleaning companies. We eject brushes to which we connected a small hose from which water and soap clean the glass surface. We can finish cleaning with a conventional inexpensive handle or the window cleaning machine.

There are systems similar to the latter but, instead of including a brush, they include a microfiber cloth or some other element that allows the surface to be treated gently. A widely used system, for example, in the home, although it can also be used in small offices and in community cleaning, among other buildings, is a system designed to wet and wash glass surfaces without dripping.

To increase the level of cleanliness, we integrate a side abrasive belt to remove embedded debris. It has an articulation system that allows it to fully adapt to any surface. However, although it offers a very good cleaning system, it will not be very effective for very large surfaces and with a lot of dirt.

Cleaning Small Offices

With small offices, as we said, these solutions can work very well. With glazed surfaces that you can find in large industries or buildings, the ideal is to resort to more sophisticated solutions that allow effective cleaning and fast.

Most times, you can achieve this type of exhaustive cleaning with the combination of several materials. A good detergent with an antistatic effect, a scraper, a glass cleaning system with a telescope to reach all corners, and a microfiber cloth for small streaks or drops that may remain.

Finally, it is important to remember that, especially when professionally cleaning high-rise glass surfaces. We followed the corresponding safety regulations to avoid accidents. You can look at our occupational risk prevention guide. In the cleaning sector here, if you want more information on this topic.

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