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TikTok Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Account

TikTok Marketing Strategies

TikTok Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Account

Although many companies remain skeptical about the use of TikTok , its growth is indisputable. It is currently the fourth most used social network in the world, with more than 1.4 billion users, and this is a golden opportunity for many companies that want to increase their brand awareness.

Mastering marketing strategies on TikTok will be crucial to better attract the audience and convert content into sales opportunities, so today we bring you 10 of them so you can take advantage of them in your business. Go for it!

Why should you include TikTok in your marketing strategy?

Before telling you what strategies can be useful to you, we want to give you reasons to dare to use it as a source of income.

The new generations are increasingly distant from traditional advertising and usually consult information through social networks . Also, they ignore traditional digital marketing like website banner or search engine ads, this makes advertising on platforms like TikTok much more relevant.

Compared to other social networks like Instagram , growing audiences on TikTok is easier . This is because the TikTok algorithm gives relevance to featured content with its “for you” section where it selects content that you have liked from different creators regardless of whether you don’t follow them or how many followers you have.

The best marketing strategies on TikTok

  1. Know your niche

This Tiktok marketing strategy applies to any platform. Knowing your audience and sticking to your buyer persona is essential to building a successful community for your type of business.

In addition, being clear about the audience you are addressing will be of great help to communicate in their language and to know how you can contribute with your content.

If you look at the content creators that you follow, you will notice that they focus on specific topics and cover various aspects of them, from different themes . They do not try to cover other topics because it is not their market. So, do not seek to reach everyone because it is the surest way of not reaching anyone.

  1. Be consistent

Reaching a huge audience on TikTok isn’t just about the day you decide to post. Frequency can also affect how the platform distributes your content. TikTok recommends posting 1-4 times a day. Also, consistency is vital to growing your audience.

The same goes for TikTok Ads . Don’t just put blatant ads online. Even the most corporate ads for your brand should provide value to your target audience .

  1. Use SEO to help the algorithm

Writing a good video description is also essential for SEO. This will allow the Tiktok algorithm to know what your videos are about and thus be able to offer them to your audience. Don’t forget to include your most important keywords, and remember that they must make sense in the sentence. Don’t be a bunch of words stuck together.

  1. Be authentic

Those companies that have authentic content that aligns with the needs of the community will be the ones that succeed on the platform.

As a marketer on TikTok, you can tap into trends and genuinely join conversations . Additionally, you can use music, voiceovers , and effects to make your content as engaging as possible and give your story a narrative.

You can adapt any challenge to fit your business content. This way, you can stay true to your audience while capitalizing on the trend.

  1. Create short videos Or not?

Until recently, the maximum length of TikTok videos was 3 minutes. The recent update of the social network brought with it the extension of the duration up to 10 minutes as “a way to add value to the community and enrich the experience,” TikTok explained in a press release.

We must remember that in its origins the platform only allowed 15 seconds of video and as it gained popularity it began to modify its duration. What does this mean? What is the ideal time? Well, it depends on the format and the objective you have with the video.

Our recommendation is to stick to durations no longer than 60 seconds, since the internal studies of the application indicate that users do not spend more than two minutes of viewing on average.

Use the 3 and 10 minute videos occasionally to make tutorials or talk about a topic that requires depth.

  1. Use internal tools

One of the marketing strategies on TikTok is the creation of content with its own tools. TikTok wants content to look effortless , which is why they push native videos that were produced without the use of expensive cameras or videography tools.

So instead of using a digital camera and spending hours editing your videos, spend a few minutes learning how to create native content within the app and use your smartphone.

Plus, taking part in challenges, using the latest music, and taking advantage of new features will help you stay relevant and reach a larger audience.

  1. Use Hashtags

Just like on Instagram, hashtags play an important role. Using them strategically will make you reach more people and be visible in a short time.

Also, by using hashtags, you educate the algorithm about the content of your video and have a much better chance of reaching an audience that is genuinely interested in your content.

Instead of choosing mass hashtags, do some research and use niche tags that your potential user would find you by. Use them in the descriptions of the video.

  1. Ask and interact with your audience

They’re called social media for a reason, right?

As in any marketing strategy, it is important to give the user a small CTA ( call to action ) that allows us to obtain information. On TikTok, you can choose to ask your audience to like , comment, share, or even give you suggestions for content they want to see.

A subtle call to action can be incredibly powerful in not only increasing engagement rate, but generating more content ideas. Along with watch time and repeat rate, engagement is one of the most important factors in getting viral .

You can also use questions or contests to reward your active fans, and anything else you can think of that builds a relationship with your user.

  1. Create content with other creators

Collaborations with content creators on social networks are not new. However, thanks to the Duet feature , they make more sense.

This allows the screen to be divided in two and your brand and the creator appear, being able to get additional exposure and new followers who really feel identified with your brand.

  1. Tracking and optimization

In the settings and privacy section you can track and explore the analytics of your posts for the last 7, 28 or 60 days or for a custom period in the section.

These will allow you to see which videos have generated the most interest from your audience so you can create similar content in the future. You can also add UTM tags to each of your links to track the clicks they receive as well as user behavior. Also check descargar audio de tiktok

Tips for making your brand stand out on TikTok

  • Don’t forget to have an attractive profile with a short bio, current content and a good profile picture
  • Be consistent with your brand image by using the same colors, fonts, and filters so your audience can easily recognize you.
  • Use only high-quality content . This will increase the chances of your videos being viewed by the public.
  • Do not forget to answer the comments of your audience and more if they favor the sales of your business.
  • Share content at times when you can be active and engage with your audience.

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