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The Traits of a Quality Bookkeeping Service

Bookkeeping refers to the documentation and recording of a company’s financial transactions. Some of the benefits of bookkeeping are getting updated detailed reports, simpler filing of taxes, and helping businesses budget accurately. 

However, you may find it overwhelming to handle bookkeeping processes while running other crucial tasks within your company. 

Outsourcing a bookkeeping service allows your company to develop and make sound financial decisions as you focus on key duties. That said, if you employ a bookkeeping service, they must possess these qualities. 

Are they accessible?

Excellent bookkeepers will meet up with you or utilize updated QuickBooks online software to prepare your books and ensure your business is profitable. 


A bookkeeper’s job requires meticulous attention to detail to properly record the income and expenses of a business. Although specialized software can take care of most math, having a basic knowledge of numbers is helpful. A good bookkeeper should be able to use a calculator or spreadsheet formulas to ensure accuracy.

Additionally, a person with strong math skills should have no problem using software and accounting programs. Thorough knowledge of accounting software is important, as it allows a bookkeeper to quickly catch errors and make necessary adjustments.

Another crucial part of bookkeeping is reconciling bank statements, which is essential in managing cash flow. Bookkeepers also need to perform adjusting entries to correct account balances and reflect actual circumstances. Generally, these transactions involve unrecorded revenues and costs associated with continuous transactions. These costs and revenues must be apportioned among different accounting periods. As a result, an expert in bookkeeping will be an invaluable asset to a business.

Before outsourcing any service or firm, it is essential to consider their expertise. Those with experience often provide the best assistance to their clients. 

While being a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or holding a college degree is not mandatory, you may benefit from bookkeepers with particular knowledge and experience in the field. You can learn more about the one you plan to hire by interviewing them. 

Updated with the latest developments

The world of financial accounting is constantly developing with changes, including new rules, practices, and technologies. So, a bookkeeper should be flexible and ready to adjust to new situations.

The changes in the accounting industry are caused by demographic, technological, and economic factors. This article will highlight some of the major trends and their implications for small to midsize business owners. Hopefully, they will provide useful information for those who would like to keep their books up-to-date. For now, here are five trends to watch. Regardless of your field of expertise, you should keep up with the changes in accounting to ensure your bookkeeping remains as up-to-date as possible.

Have they undergone training?

Bookkeeping requires certain abilities like attention to detail and superb math skills. Consider employing a service that has undergone bookkeeping training QuickBooks. The training usually helps bookkeepers better understand basic knowledge and financial management.

However, if they have not done training but possess the qualities mentioned above and have potential, you may want to consider searching for bookkeeping training near me to help them develop their skills further. 

Contact a bookkeeper now!

COA Consulting Services is a Florida-based accounting firm run by Oyinka M. Coakley. They offer QuickBooks and HoneyBook training, Business Consulting Services, and other business-related processes. 

Visit their website or contact them at (954) 526-4694 for more information.

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