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The Perfect Vastu for Your Bedroom

Introduction: What is Vastu?

Vastu means the science of architecture. They signify the design, layout, measurements and geometry of a building, which compile nature and beliefs that geometric patterns successfully affect your life. Vastu Shastra is the broader knowledge of architectural significance of life. The organization of space and form in a building sheds light on how your life is going to be living in that house. Not only in religious tradition or astrology, Vastu Shastra has locked itself with science and is continuing to make lives better. From Ismalic Mughal architects to the magical forts of Rajasthan, a good building means a good Vastu.
Vastu has uncountable benefits. It not only promotes peace of mind but also heightens the relationship among the family members. A house which has a good Vastu leaves no room for feuds and quarrels. It increases mental skills and creativity. Proper implementation of Vastu keeps the members energetic for all day long.
Vastu has it’s effects outside the sphere of Vedic astrology as well. Vastu helps in good flow of air and sunlight, which is extremely essential for a good and healthy body. The living space stays clutter free, and thus, Vastu maintains the right hygiene.

Role of Vastu in your bedroom

The bedroom is the most special corner of your house. It is the place of your rest, sleep and relaxation, the place where you love spending your time because that is your comfort zone. In this pandemic situation, your bedroom has become the perfect workplace for you as well. Besides these, the bedroom is the place for your academics and developmental skills.
Without a good Vastu in your bedroom, it will be a haunted place with mental stress and problems. Anything you perform in your bedroom will not yield good results. Underlying Vatsu problems can give rise to ailments and your health can go south. Disbalance causes the growth of negative energies, this makes Vastu beneficial in your bedroom.

Best Vastu tips for your bedroom

Vastu guidance for bedroom placement: Place your bedroom in the northern corner of your building. South faced bedrooms often lead to stress, depression and career related issues, while northside bedrooms ensure good finances and great academic life and success. Southeast zone arises conflicts and affect family relationships especially married life. Never place the bedroom at the center, because the zone called Brahmasthan must be empty to regulate good energy flow.
Placing the bed: Bed is the most essential thing as it forms the whole idea of a bedroom. Place your bed in such a way that while lying, your head points towards the south or the east. This position ensures good health and fresh mornings. The bed should not be placed against the wall, even if you do, keep at least a small gap between the wall and the bed, otherwise it might affect academics. For career, these rules are extremely beneficial.
For doors and windows: Do not keep the bedroom door and the bed in a straight line. Your door should open inwards and the number of windows should be more than one, to ensure good wind and sunlight flow. Windows should be placed in the north or east. While sleeping, your head should not point to the windows.
For attached bathroom: It is advisable not to have a bathroom inside your bedroom, but if you have one for convenience, keep the bathroom door shut always, even after use.
Furniture placement; Furniture should be placed in the south, west or southwest. Place your wardrobe facing the north, this brings financial prosperity. The mirror, if any, should not cast reflection on the bed.


Enhance the Vastu of your bedroom using indoor plants or paintings. If you still have queries regarding your Vastu consult the experts using online astrology consultation We-astro now.

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