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The National Sport of Australia

What’s the national sport of Australia? In case you didn’t know, it’s Australian rules football. And if you ask an Australian, they’ll be more than happy to tell you all about it, whether you want to know or not! While most people think that Australian Rules Football is the national sport of Australia, it isn’t. Most sports played by Australians do not make up our national sport. Rugby, for example, originated in England and many Australians grew up playing it on teams (state or school-based). Cricket is also a sport that originates in England.


If you ask Australians what their national sport is, they will most likely tell you it’s AFL (Australian Football League) or perhaps Cricket. However, if you ask a rugby player about his national sport, he might answer rugby league (or rugby union), and many Aussies would agree. Rugby has been described as Australia’s National Obsession and is arguably Australia’s de facto national sport (1). Is it though?


Known as the national sport of Australia, golf is a beloved pastime and recreation. The Sydney Morning Herald points out that many choose to play golf because it is not as intense as many other professional sports. This makes golf a great activity for relaxation, especially when it isn’t even your job! It is common for people who enjoy sports and competition to participate in amateur golf tournaments to keep their competitive spirits alive outside of work. What are you waiting for? Pick up those clubs!


Not only is cricket Australia’s national sport, but it’s also actually a nation. No joke! Aussie rules football is technically considered to be a domestic sport within India. If that doesn’t get you excited about throwing down your wicket, then you should know that Cricket is one of two sports known to have been played on Monty Python’s Flying Circus; if that still doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will.

Rugby League

It might seem a bit strange to consider rugby league as a national sport in an otherwise sports-mad country like Australia, but there are numerous reasons that Australians rank it alongside cricket and Australian Rules football. First and foremost, it’s because most other sports in Australia depend on funding from the government or outside sources.

Rugby Union

Rugby is officially known as football in Australia, although it’s more commonly referred to by its official name, Rugby Union. This popular sport originated with two brothers at a Rugby School in England. Although rugby hasn’t made its way into mainstream American culture, it has become a significant part of Australian culture and was named the national sport of Australia by former Prime Minister Bob Hawke back in 1986.


What many don’t know is that there is, in fact, a national sport in Australia. While many people would assume it to be one such as cricket or rugby, and while these sports do have a lot more international recognition, neither can claim to be the nation’s most popular pastime. It turns out, then, that after all these years we’ve had it wrong. The real national sport of Australia is basketball.


It’s hard to believe, but baseball wasn’t always America’s favorite pastime. When it was first introduced in New York City in 1845, many people ridiculed it. They called it baseball madness, and some even claimed that playing baseball gave people sunstroke or made them go blind. As a result, their disdain for the sport drove attendance to a measly 200 spectators per game by 1848.


It’s not surprising that a country surrounded by water would love to jump in. Swimming is a fantastic full-body workout and can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. If you don’t have your pool, there are plenty of places where you can join a local swim team, too. And if swimming isn’t your thing, try diving or water polo!

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