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The Most Important Parts Under Your Car’s Hood – Explained!

There are a sizable number of car owners who are not entirely aware of the important parts inside the engine.However, a small percentage of people read the user manual that comes with a car.

It is advantageous for drivers to have some level of technical knowledge. In today’s world, the technology has become so sophisticated that information is available just in front of our eyes.

However, there should be enough knowledge so that the warning light does not appear alien once it appears on your dashboard.

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However, engines are not something that people do not know. But, there are still some aspects of an engine people should be aware of.

However, there is no point of discussing the inner operation of an engine here. But, an engine does not only power a vehicle, it runs a series of other components. And, these components play important role for a vehicle.

Engine runs the air-conditioning compressor

The engine performs an additional responsibility of running the compressor when it circulates the refrigerant after compressing it. 

The compressor clutch engages to receive power from the engine as soon as the air conditioner in your car is turned on.Without a functioning air-conditioning compressor, the summer heat does not seem to be an experience one would prefer.

The engine runs the alternator

No one can dispute the necessity of an alternator for powering accessories and charging batteries. But, it needs an engine to make that rotation that produces the current. Your car will lose power and stop functioning if it fails.

Engine runs power steering pump

Modern vehicles have power steering, which is powered by a pump under the hood. The engine is needed for the pump to function.

However, in order to obtain power from the engine, these components use a variety of belt types. While the timing belt aids in synchronising the engine’s own motions.

Inspection of a problem with these components is difficult, though. However, you can examine a timing belt’s condition to determine whether a timing belt replacement is necessary.

However, any problem with engine is reflected by a check engine light while you need to for car engine repair earliest possible.


The transmission is the next-largest component under the hood of your car after the engine. It sits behind the engine, underneath other components. This component changes the gears in both automatic and manual transmission vehicles.

However, the transmission works as an intermediary for the power transformation from the engine to the wheels.

Cooling system

Next to engine is cooling system, as it is necessary for normal operation of an engine. An engine generates heat during combustion process thus it always needs some sort of cooling to work properly.

A cooling system consists of a range of components responsible for each individual job.

The radiator helps in cooling down the coolant

Since coolant circulates around the engine, it usually gets hot by receiving heat. Here, the radiator does the job of an exchange of heat from coolant in water and air. Once the coolant loses its temperature, it can go for the next round of cooling.

Electric fans blow air through the radiator

Pulling air through the radiator is the principal job of fans. When the engine reaches operating temperature, at least one of the two fans in the majority of vehicles would be turning.

Electric Power Control Unit (EPCU)

An electric power control unit is present in addition to all other mechanical and electrical parts.This unit satisfies all requirements because a car requires electric current to flow throughout the body.

The direct current is converted to alternating current by an inverter on the device.Before sending it to various devices, a low voltage converter converts the high voltage from the battery to low voltage.

All of the vehicle’s electric power control systems, including the motor and the braking system are managed by the vehicle control unit.

Engine Control Module (ECM)

Your car does have a computer as it is called the Engine Control Module (ECM). It has other name as the engine control unit (ECU). This unit is in charge of several duties. ECM ensures that your car performs at its best. The majority of the engine bay sensors are monitored by the ECM, which controls the emission control systems and manages the air-to-fuel ratio in your car.

Since an ECU keeps an eye on and controls how your car’s engine runs, to manage all of these things, sensors are needed.Besides these components, there is a list of reservoirs to contain a number of fluids, including coolant, car engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windscreen washer fluid reservoir.

This is surely a brief about the things under the hood, so next time you have to sneak under the bonnet;you should be confused with complexity. However, if you keep your vehicle up by opting for scheduled car maintenance, there would not be any need to open the hood.

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