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The Damascus Nakiri Knife

In the kitchen, each type of knife has its role and Damascus knives are no exception to this rule. Special knives are available in Damascus for cutting meat, cooking fish, cutting vegetables, etc. In this article, we will introduce you to one of these knives: The Nakiri. Want to know what you can use a Best Damascus Nakiri knife for? You are in the right place. In this article, we will show you this knife from all angles. Find the characteristics and different uses of the Nakiri knife.

The characteristics of the Damascus Nakiri knife

Originally called the Nakiri knives, it is called the Nakiri Bocho “. It means ” knife for cutting greens “. The Damascus Nakiri knife is a household knife with generally a rectangular shape. However, the shapes of this knife also depend on the region.

It is in Tokyo that we most often find the rectangular shape. In the Osaka area, the Nakiri features a rounded corner. Those two terms are respective names of kakagata nakiri and kamagata usuba.

The Nakiri features a black-colored blade that is moderately heavier than that of the Deba knife. This high and wide blade generally measures between 14 and 18 cm. It is also a straight, very thin, and ambidextrous V-blade (sharpened on both sides). The Nakiri is true, a double-edged knife. Its blade also bears some resemblance to a cleaver/cleaver.

It is in a way a large cleaver that allows a rather fast vertical cutting in the manner of professional cooks. The height of the blade helps prevent the hand holding the handle from hitting the cutting board when the knife is in use.

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Using the Nakiri Knife

The Nakiri Bocho is most commonly used in Damascus homes and its primary role is to mince vegetables and herbs without breaking them.

This traditional vegetable knife can also be used to make several kinds of cuts. With the Damascus Nakiri knife, it is possible to cut into large dice, small dice, half-moons, shavings, sticks, strips, washers, strips, flower shapes, etc.

The Nakiri knife is also called a ” shovel knife “because its flat surface can be used like a shovel or a spatula to move the cut food from the cutting board to the pan for example. The Damascus have also nicknamed the Nakiri knife, the ” knife with symmetrical geometry “. Its price varies between 100 and 1,000 dollars.

You now know everything about the Damascus Nakiri knife and its different names. For your next vegetable cuts, do not hesitate to use them to have finely cut vegetables.

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