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The Best Business Ideas Online for Students in the UK

The next step for students is asking themselves, “Is this something I’m good at?” Of course, if your idea is outside the scope of what you can handle, it might be a bad choice to start a business in that direction. So, try gauging whether you’re good at your idea. Doing this will help you understand and analyze how you can expand your business further.

Think About the Future

The future is important for students. That’s why you need to think about where your business idea is going to take you. Find out:

  • Will the ventures aid or support your career?
  • Could they act as a hindering force that slows you down and distracts you?

Students can try assessing and evaluating business ideas that help them grow or add to a portfolio in this way.

The Best Business Ideas for Students in the UK

While the average student has many business ideas, the truth is that some are better than others. After all, students need to manage much more, apart from earning money. So, try analyzing the list below to find a business idea that works for you.

Hopefully, you can manage one of them while you study:

1.      Build a Brand or Business Using Social Media

Whether you sell stuff online, provide a service, or more, social media is a tool we cannot avoid. It connects you with thousands of potential customers. And there are many ways to market yourself or your business ideas by using them. For example, you can build social media pages for customers using Facebook and Instagram. More than 200 million businesses use these sites to get sales. And they connect with clients directly every day.

So, why not use it to market what you offer? You probably already use social media every day. So it’s a great business idea no matter what kind of business you develop or run. That’s why it is the first on our list.

Summary: Whether you want to sell old products, jewelry, or even market yourself, do it via social media.

2.      Become a YouTube Influencer

The first option was not specific. But our second business idea involves a narrower scope. YouTube is a tool that allows many businesses and individuals to earn money. Some of the most popular channels earn millions of pounds. Just take PewDiePie, for example. He’s one of the top subscribed channels. And he makes a lot by simply being an interesting person who sometimes plays video games.

Simply put, YouTube allows its many users to find a niche. In other words, it helps them promote what they’re good at. So, you, too, can leverage it to develop a brand or simply promote yourself.

The best part is it doesn’t take very long. It should be simple for you to begin making videos when you’re off from school or class and upload them.

Summary: Try setting up a YouTube channel if you like making videos.

3.      Start Streaming on Twitch

Think of Twitch like YouTube, but for people who don’t want to make and edit videos. Instead, it offers streaming live videos to viewers interested in what you have to say. These viewers can send you money to support your stream. Thus, making it very popular with those who find and retain an audience.

Students will just need a camera and an internet connection to start. Then, you simply go live, and you’re on with your audience. You can put the content you want out into the world. If you play music, do a music stream. Do you like gaming? Do a gaming stream. Are you someone who talks about English assignment help? You can put that up there too

Summary: Get people interested to sub to your Twitch channel.

4.      Freelance in Your Field

The best way to set yourself up sustainably for the future is by having your business idea revolve around your field. That’s why our team recommends freelancing as an option. You can connect with clients who want their work needs to be met. And you can provide the skills that you’re currently learning with your degree. Of course, the pay may vary. But freelancing gives students the chance to tackle work at their own pace.

Students can check websites like Fiver or Upwork to find freelancing solutions. These platforms will allow you to create profiles where you host your work and services. Then, clients will reach you and pay you based on what you offer.

Summary: Align your earning idea to what you’re studying for maximum gain!

5.      Try Basic Graphic Design

Businesses use them. Companies use them. And even small startups use graphic design. So, those skilled in this field are in demand almost constantly. So then, why not provide what the market needs? Not only is it going to help you earn money, but it’ll also give you the know-how to design your own business logos and artwork in the future. You’ll need a basic app like Canva and can start creating right now.

Students can try watching some YouTube videos and tutorials about creating and designing. After that, you can show clients skills and start designing stuff for their brands while you study.

Summary: Work on developing a portfolio to show off graphic designing skills to earn.

Tip: How to Manage Your Studies

Starting a business can require complete commitment. However, it doesn’t mean you can afford to focus on just this and neglect your grades. Planning everything out is important, so you can work and study simultaneously.

Options like websites that let you buy university assignments online or others offering English assignment help can work in your favour. This is because they let you manage your work while studying.

Summary: Get help with university stuff.

List of Business Ideas for Students

Here’s a list of business ideas to try out:

  • Sell Work on Etsy
  • Set up a Skype Course
  • Publish a Book
  • Content Writing
  • Resell Textbooks
  • Pet Sitting
  • House Sitting
  • Start a Website
  • Photography
  • Organise Student Trips
  • Create Posters
  • Proofread
  • Tutor
  • Sell University Essentials


So, we’ve discussed how you can develop business ideas and provided a few easy ones students can use to earn money. But remember, think hard about what you’re doing first. Don’t just choose any random business idea. Instead, apply the questions above to find one that fits your schedule, needs, abilities, and resources.

Doing the above will allow you to quickly and efficiently develop your business ideas into full-fledged prospects that help you earn even more cash.

And lastly, do not neglect your coursework, assignments, and academic grades. Instead, focus hard and score better results. Your grades are just as important for your future as the business ideas you’re thinking of right now.

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