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The 5 Best Resources for Rough Lab Grown Diamonds

Any seasoned jewelry shopper will tell you that there are two different types of diamonds: natural and lab grown. Natural diamonds are the most common type of diamond, formed over hundreds of thousands of years in the earth’s crust; lab grown diamonds are grown in laboratories by man, typically in just a few months to years at most. Lab grown diamonds can cost anywhere from half to 90% less than natural diamonds and aren’t as prone to flaws or imperfections, making them an excellent choice for anybody on a budget or who wants to buy a high quality diamond without paying top dollar for it.

Where can you get them?

You can get lab created diamonds from several different places. Some examples include: Mogok (Myanmar), Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition (USA), and High Pressure High Temperature Synthesis (Greece). It’s a good idea to find out if there are any local laws or ethical issues associated with your chosen method of production before you choose a place to buy your lab created diamonds. If you’re thinking about starting a jewelry business, it’s also worth looking into how long it would take for that company to have enough rough diamonds available for an entire year’s worth of diamond sales.

What rough lab grown diamonds cost?

Lab grown diamonds are generally much more affordable than natural diamonds. While a 1 carat lab grown diamonds can cost $5,000 and up, it would be an extremely rare occurrence for someone to spend even $1,000 on a rough diamond of equivalent size. Given that most mined rough gems are much larger than their finished counterparts, rough lab grown diamonds provide potential savings compared with traditional cutting methods. This makes them an attractive choice for those on a tight budget or for anyone interested in creating unique pieces of jewelry or artwork.

What are the best online resources?

I recommend starting with blgdlab, which is a go-to place for unique (and cheap) lab grown diamonds. Before buying, make sure you dealing with a diamond seller who properly discloses that her diamonds lab grown; some sellers avoid mentioning it at all. Even better: Look up your seller on Google. You can always ask them directly messages if you don’t see any references about lab created diamonds on their website or social media presence. Remember: Lab created and synthetic both mean lab grown—they’re two different ways of saying basically the same thing.

Are there local options?

You’ll want to research your options for local lab grown diamond growers; often, you can save a lot of money buying from an established dealer. Make sure to compare prices and ensure you’re getting what you expect from each location. Some stores offer loose stones, while others offer finished jewelry with diamonds already set in place. Also be aware that some labs are better than others and will leave fingerprints behind on your stone, adding a visible flaw. Do your homework here before making a purchase.

How do you choose?

When you think of diamonds, chances are you picture a gemstone you can see and touch. However, we live in an age where a lot of people not  time for shopping and prefer online purchases—which why it become increasingly important to know how to choose between what’s real and what not. If you want a natural stone that doesn’t break the bank, lab diamonds your best bet. they not real but still their advantages. What makes them different? The way they form.

What the best kind of lab grown diamond?

This a tough question for two reasons. First, there a lot of terms being thrown around with respect to lab grown diamonds—including synthetic, cultured, synthetic, man-made and so on. In general terms, lab grown diamonds produced outside of a natural environment in a laboratory setting. Generally speaking, man-made means synthetically produced. That true for both traditional mined diamonds and lab grown diamonds. however there some important distinctions between these two subcategories of man-made that many people not aware of; which leads us to our second reason. it such a tough question: the differences between lab grown vs mined vs synthetic is not always clear cut.


There plenty of great resources for purchasing rough lab grown diamonds. This list is only a small sample of those diamonds you can find online and what makes each one special. Before making your choice, research everything you can about various vendors so that you can have peace of mind knowing you are getting a quality diamond at a fair price. Finally, not forget to read our post on How Durable Lab grown diamonds? If you found value in today’s post then please share it with your friends and family!

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