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Sweet Mango Hot Sauce

Mango Hot Sauce

A sweet hot sauce is used to bring flavor, color, and quality to your food. That is why this hot sauce has become popular and in demand in the market nowadays.

Qualities of a sweet hot sauce:

If you are wondering how a hot sauce can be sweet, as you all know, the traditional hot sauces were very hot and spicy, so how could it be sweet? The modifications of ingredients or you could say variations of ingredients, influenced brands like Dingolay to make these sauces.

For sweetness, they use fruits instead of sugar or honey. The real blending of fruits is responsible for the flavor of this hot sauce. Mango, which is the sweetest fruit, is mostly added to hot sauces. It makes it taste sweet and blazing hot. Thus, your food will taste fabulous with this sauce. It gives a diversity of flavors. It tastes like a mash-up of two opposing flavors: sweet and hot and spicy.

The origin of Caribbean hot sauce

Initially, you couldn’t imagine that you would be seeing so many flavors of hot sauce in the market. Years back, food could not be imagined cooked with sauces. People were used to having simple food. If they liked spicy food, they used to add powdered spices or chilies. Their cuisine was composed of a few condiments.

However, Mexicans were spicy lovers. They had very different tastes than other continents’ people. To try the diversity of peppers, they traded and exported them. Scotch bonnet peppers were one of those popular peppers at the time.

After cross-breeding various peppers, they had no option left for new peppers. So, an experimental discovery led to the creation of hot sauces. That was only possible due to the peppers, which were the prime ingredient of the hot sauces. The main ingredient in the making of these sauces was the addition of peppers to diluted vinegar.

Once the first bottle of hot sauce came to the market, it was loved by everyone. This bottle had spices that were unique and different from the normal spices. It became an all-time favorite condiment. People then started adding it to every cuisine. Soon, they were able to prepare and trade a variety of hot sauces by adding varieties of these peppers and chilies.

So, they sold it to other parts of the globe, where customers admired it a lot. Nowadays, every café or restaurant you visit has set up two to three flavored hot sauces on their tables. Today, people use it commonly.

Dingolay hot sauces

Have you ever heard the dancing flavors of a hot sauce? It is the statement of this brand. They generally focus on creating the flavors for ordinary foods too. Thus, they have categorized the mango hot sauce as the Scotch bonnet sauce. This is because they only use the original Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers for their hot sauces. They also take the fully ripened Scotch Bonnet peppers so that the sauce tastes more flavorful.

Although a normal person wouldn’t know the real difference between adding a fully ripened pepper or half ripened pepper to hot sauces. But the specialists like this brand know the effect of the ripeness of peppers in the hot sauce. So, they are very particular about it. You can say their mango sauce is the sweet hot sauce because it has chunks of mango.

The sweet hot sauce uses

You could have all types of snacks with this hot sauce. Seafood, in particular, such as prawns, calamari rings, and shrimp, pairs well with them. You can drizzle it over stir-fried vegetables. Use the scotch bonnet pepper sauce in Chinese cuisine, especially noodles and soups. Although this combination looks weird, once you’ve tasted it, you won’t believe the taste it has. It turns out to be so yummy and so distinctive.

You can also have it with steamed chicken as it brings out the flaming hot flavors in the less flavorful chicken. Pizza, no doubt, is a great food to combine with this hot sauce.


Hot sauces play a key role in creating and developing the taste of your food. Whatever food you like, combining it with hot sauce is like multiplying the taste of food. So, make your food interesting with Dingolay mango hot sauce.

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