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Book Reviews

Stunning Book Cover Design Art to Draw in Reader’s Attention


Book reading is generally deemed a monotonous habit. Moreover, if the cover fails to say out loud what it is primarily about, it is more likely to lose potential sales opportunities. Book covers tend to tell the reading enthusiasts that the content inside deserves your attention.

Besides, a book cover is the only tool that not only leaves the very first impression on the audience but ensures robust marketing as well. It reshapes the unmatched effort of the writer to successfully bring it to a conclusive end.

Many writers simply overlook its importance and just go for a single and monotonous color or visual selection consequently minimizing their sales to a greater extent. Professional book cover design is the key player that can make you either win or lose the game.

Getting to know about the author and his composition

Before getting into the cover designs, it is good to know about the expertise level of the author. If he’s a beginner and this is going to be his first book, there’s a possibility that he lacks professional skills that are primarily required to get the maximum or at least a good level of business.

Before starting writing, have a clear understanding of the theme of the book and how to use it properly to give it a look and a feel of the manuscript. Besides, professional authors are capable of perfectly devising ways of transition from one idea to another.

But it is also not appropriate to neglect pieces of writing by the fresh book writers. Also, pro-authors have a better understanding of how a cover should be designed to depict the theme in the best possible way.

Attract the Buyer’s Eyes

Covers are supposed to convey the key message to the readers without revealing much with the help of a few words and visuals. Make it more simple yet unique to grab as many audience eyeballs as you can. Stylish, catchy, and enticing covers have strong potential to give away a sense that there is something they crave to study about in the book.

Everyone cares about his time, money, and attention. So why would anyone like to invest all these three major things in buying and reading something that is not up to the mark to quench their thirst for reading brilliant content?

Quality speaks Louder

When we talk about the quality stuff, we generally mean the binding and paper quality. But the in case of ebooks, it will be talked about differently. The format in which the book must be saved must be the updated one with zero pixelation. This is one of the most decisive features of the book and will determine the magnitude of the book sale.

Review of the book

Apart from the cover designs, the second thing that adds to the value of the book is the reviews. Reviews are derived from the exclusive reading experiences of an individual. Honest reviews play the real game to attract or repel the audience from investing their precious time in going through a complete and professional manuscript.

The Importance of Book Cover Design in The Sales of Your Book

There are certain key factors upon which the success of a book is dependent. These are kept in view the moment the writer incepts writing down his words precisely arranging them in sentences to form a book.  Following are some important points to consider as an established writer:


Before they read every sentence about the book, compelling pictures may help you connect and communicate with the audience and make a powerful impression. Despite you are not a pro graphic artist, you want the cover to give just enough away to pique the reader’s interest and capture the story within. The picture you chose may be a powerful tool for emotionally connecting the reader to the text.


It encompasses all the font styles and sizes that will be the most appropriate for the readers even with short-sightedness. Large and clear fonts make it easy for the readers’ eyes to catch them the way they are without getting frustrated because of small and visually incomprehensibly fonts.

Don’t get diverted

Always stay connected to your main purpose of writing the book and devise the cover keeping it in view. Avoid choosing light colors for the books themed on serious societal or political issues. Writers must develop a sense of the appropriate design elements over time.

Decent choice of Colors

Colors are the core ingredients to cook the cover well having an astounding smell to pull the avid readers to what they crave. The color schemes you chose for your design should assist set the tone and communicating the message you want to express.

Comparable colors blend lighter and darker tones that are adjacent to somebody on the color wheel. Much like analogous colors do. Because these colors go well together. Many successful book covers contain light colors along with a definite blend of stable colors.

Contrast Creates Striking Covers

Opposition is the highlighting of contrasts between components in a design to draw attention and establish emphasis. Contrast aids in the organization of information and improves the message’s intelligibility. If you’re having trouble coming up with a color scheme, switch back to the monochrome screen.


Designing a book cover is way more demanding than writing one. It summarizes the whole theme of the book and requires worthy creativity to grab the buyers’ attention. The colors, visuals, design, layouts, fonts, cover quality, etc. everything mixes up to give out the best result. Staying connected to the genre makes its way into the minds of readers.

Readers judge the books by their covers. So it is recommended to put every effort into getting the quality covers designed. It’s ok not to be a good cover designer for a brilliant writer. Thus never hesitate to hire a competent designer. Whose work is capable enough to determine the sales of your composition.

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