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Sprite prints Snapchat codes on cans — so you can make new friends.

I love good marketing campaigns. Especially if they incorporate the social component. That’s exactly what Sprite is doing together with Snapchat and is launching an exciting campaign.

Brazilian Snapchat users can now upload their Snapcode via this microsite until November 27th. From December 3, 2015, the lucky winners can admire their codes on the cans and count on numerous new “friends”.

Snapchat Stars triple their reach

To kick things off, Sprite is partnering with 15 Snapchat Stars, whose codes have already been printed on the cans and placed in stores. According to their own statements, their number of followers has tripled in the last two weeks alone.

Scan Snapcodes = new follower

The Snapcodes themselves can easily be scanned by other users. Similar to a QR code scanner, all you have to do is launch publish profile snapchat, activate the camera, aim at the code, and then tap the code on the display once with your finger. The new friend is already added.

It is precisely for this reason that I am firmly convinced of the success of the campaign. In addition, Sprite & Snapchat breed other new influencers with a large reach.

In this country it will probably take a few more years before the first brands dare to do something like this. It’s a pity, but very cool for the Brazilians!

Get started on Snapchat!

I started with a friend . There you will soon be able to find other Snapchat users sorted by category. If you want to be part of it, register now at . We look forward to you :)!

Snapchat: More photos than WhatsApp

This is in contrast to Snapchat. Yes, I know some of you will raise your eyebrows and wrinkle your nose in disgust. By the way: Isn’t that this unnecessarily hyped app where you sooner or later get sent penis pictures that automatically destroy themselves after 5 seconds? no Although there can certainly be one or two obscene photos, after all, over 8,800 photos are sent within the app every second. In comparison, Snapchat can easily keep up with Facebook and WhatsApp:

Snapchat, the attention monster

In addition, Snapchat is a real attention grabber and, in my opinion, rightly rated so highly on the market. Okay, the fairytale value of $19 billion is debatable. But working flow of Snapchat is probably the most underestimated social network, especially in this country.

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Self-test: Up to 1,000 active views

I’ve used Snapchat more and less over the past few weeks and months. I didn’t send direct pictures or messages, but posted everything in my “Snapchat story”. The story is a collection of all the images and videos I posted in a day, which are then strung together without interruption to make one long image/film strip.

Once you’ve posted an image/video in the story, it will be visible to everyone who follows you in the appropriate tab. If someone looks at it, it will be called up in the statistics. The practical thing: Each additional image / video that you then put in the story also receives an individual number of views.


I can only recommend everyone to try Snapchat. Of course, the app still has some work to do, for example you still can’t discover other people at the moment, you have to know their usernames and enter them manually. Likewise, photos / videos must be taken directly in the app, uploading from your own photo folder is not possible.

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