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Some Popular NFT Coins You Must Know

A Complete Guide

After NFT artworks, NFT coins are now becoming popular with the increase in the NFT market. It is gradually getting popular among traders, creators, and investors. But what are NFT coins? Read on to know about the NFT coins and top NFT coins that have gained immense popularity in recent times. 

What are NFT coins?

Do not confuse NFT coins with NFT itself because these are the cryptocurrency coins that are mainly used to support the ecosystem of NFTs. NFT coins play an important role in unfolding NFT in the metaverse and support the play-to-earn game module. Now NFT coins are making their way into the market. People want to add NFT coins to their profile and unveil the trendy NFT space.  The explosive of NFT has encouraged new creations one after the other. In a short time, NFT has become the most hyped-up technology in the market right now. It has made several headlines in the mainstream media. 

NFT coins are one of the key factors that increase the utility of NFT and make it rare and unique. NFT coins are supporting the various possibilities in the metaverse including economy, creation, and transactions. For example, the popular NFT project, Axie Infinity has the native crypto coin AXS, which is used for varieties of functions like used as a currency for voting. Plus, like any other cryptocurrency, AXS  you can invest in this NFT coin and trade it.     

Just like Axie Infinity, many NFT projects have launched their own NFT coins. Some of the famous NFT coins are MANA, GALA, SAND, and ENJ. We have listed the 5 best NFT coins. 

Top 5 NFT coins to add to your NFT profile   

If you are trying to invest your money in NFT coins then this list will help you to select the top NFT coins.  

  • MANA

MANA is a medium to buy the digital NFT land and other cryptographic on the Decentraland. Decentraland is a real estate virtual platform where users can engage in various activities including creating, experiencing, and monetizing applications and content. 

Furthermore, the creators of Decentraland can also incentivize experiences, theme parks, virtual structures, and many other entities. You can also MANA coin to buy names, wearables, avatars, etc on Decentraland. 

  • SAND

Another NFT coin that serves as a medium of exchange or trading in The Sandbox platform. This platform enables its users to own, create and earn money for their gaming experience. Here you can play games and earn coins then spend that coins on purchasing customized avatars and equipment. 

Furthermore, creators can spend their earned coins on purchasing the assets such as land as well as upload assets on this platform. The holders of the SAND coin have the power to take part in governance decisions.     

  • AXS

Same as other coins listed in the top NFT coins list AXS is used as a medium of exchange in the Axie Infinity game. Axie Infinity is the blockchain-based battle and trade game platform where cute monsters represented as Axie fight with one another to win the battles. 

Just like other NFT coin holders, AXS holders can play and take part in the governance votes and claim rewards if they own AXS coins. This coin is accepted as currency in the Axie Infinity platform. 

  • GALA

A native token of a gaming platform Gala Games, GALA works as a currency of this platform. Users that own GALA can take part in governance in the ecosystem. The holders of GALA coins can purchase items, in-game assets, and customized avatars as well as function as the governance native token. 

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