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Sleeve and Flip-top packaging are popular cigarette box styles?

The first impression has a big influence on consumer psychology. When it comes to product selection, quality is important, but so is appearance. Shiny and attractive goods, as per human psychology, are more alluring than basic ones. The market is flooded with so much diversity, and brands embrace any fresh and inexpensive method that ensures maximum success and brand exposure. Custom cigarette box packaging is one of those marketing strategies that ensure maximum brand visibility at absolutely no extra cost.

Personalized Cigarette Packaging Box:

Customized cigarette packaging offers value and legitimacy to the brand from a marketing standpoint. There are a lot of smokers all over the world, and as the number of consumers grows, so does the rate of providers, which leads to even more packaging and much more competition. Simple packaging is now little more than a piece of blank, meaningless cardboard for wrapping. People buy goods that stick out on the store’s shelf, therefore regardless of how good your cigarette is, the packaging will be important. According to the poll, packing is the cheapest approach to selling the product and a successful marketing campaign can increase sales by 5 to 10%.

Among the numerous customized cigarette packaging options, sleeve tray boxes and flip-top boxes are popular cigarette box styles. Listed below are a few examples of why both are capturing the hearts of today’s smokers.

Flip-top Box:

The following are some of the benefits that a flip-top box provides for cigarette packaging:

Royal Classy Touch

Flip-top boxes for cigarettes are one of the older packaging forms still in use in the market. For flip-top boxes, being old never meant being out of date. They are no longer white and have one-color boxes. Customized top flip boxes are very popular these days. Beautiful colors, embossed printing, and descriptions make this product appealing to all smokers.


Smokers carry cigarette boxes alongside them at all times, and everyone appreciates something that is simple to open and subsequently simple to close, keeping cigarettes fresh and undamaged for a long time. Flip-top boxes are user-friendly types that are simple and practical options for any user. Here are some tips for making custom boxes catchy for the targeted audiences.

A marketing tool that is convenient:

A personalized flip-top box is a powerful marketing tool for brand owners. There is plenty of room on sleeve boxes to add marketing copy or other information. Promotional materials for new products can be readily printed on the front or back. With low-cost promotions, the approaches assure maximum brand recognition for everyone.


Flip-top boxes are reliable since they are strong and sturdy. They are durable and are the perfect choice for long shelf life as well as shipments.

Sleeve Tray Boxes:

Among the appealing and distinctive characteristics of this style of cigarette packaging box are:


You obviously want to advertise a product through packing, however, you also want to do so in a cost-effective manner. Sleeve tray boxes are an inexpensive marketing alternative.

Sophisticated and Unique style

Flip tops are sophisticated, whereas custom sleeve cigarette boxes are more modern and trendy. The customer’s attention is drawn to the elegant appearance of the Sleeve tray on the store shelf. There are numerous cigarette brands available on the market, and the only way to differentiate yourself is to offer something unique and exclusive. Sleeve tray boxes combine convenience and style, which is why they are so popular!

Strong and Reliable

What good is a box if it isn’t sturdy enough? As a result, sleeve tray boxes are constructed in a way that delivers both style and a consistent strength feature. A smoker normally keeps the cigarette box with them, and if the box is not trustworthy and durable, the cigarette will tear out and make a mess. Second, when the goods are being shipped in bulk for custom cigarette boxes wholesale, the package must be robust enough to withstand high pressure. Sleeve tray boxes are a one-stop shop for cigarette packaging.

Easy to store

Sleeve Tray boxes are convenient places to keep cigarettes. Cigarette break-in boxes are commonly broken owing to high pressure, whereas sleeve boxes maintain them intact for a long period in any undesirable circumstance assuring their right position and condition.

Environmentally friendly choice

While cigarettes are not environmentally friendly, flip-top boxes and sleeves are. Because kraft paper is 100% recyclable and decomposes swiftly in nature, there may be an alarming increase of smokers. Nonetheless, there is no alarming rise in risks induced by bath bomb packing materials.

Sleeve Tray and flip top boxes are an attractive, convenient, and all-in-one cigarette packing and storage solution. They might be your pick if you want something amazing and convenient for cigarette box packaging. Looking for something stylish and current? A flip-top or anything more current will suffice. You might prefer a sleeve tray.

Working together for the best

Oxo packaging is where your search journey finishes if you want to obtain the highest sales and marketing results with your cigarette packaging. We are dedicated to providing the greatest packing materials at the most reasonable and economical prices without sacrificing quality, so contact us today and place your orders!!


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