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Skin Purging vs Breakout | An ever-arguable question

Skin Purging vs Breakout

The outlook of anyone or anything is the first impression we get. The same feature is with our faces. A neat and clean face with a smooth surface is liked everywhere. A contest of miss world or miss universe depends upon the facial looks. From ancient times up till now, human beings have adopted various techniques and methods to keep the skin smooth, clean, and pure(Skin Purging vs Breakout).

In this article, we will help you conclude the debate “skin purging vs breakout”.

Skin purging vs breakout

Various herbal medicines and mixtures were adopted to beautify the skin. Scientist, pharmacist after a few years of research and study have formulated medicines and creams to purge out the impurities from the skin. And make skin look pure and pretty.

These skin care medicines and ointments are used wide over the globe. Pharmaceutical companies have given different brand names based on their chemical formulas. Marketing of these products is highly budgeted due to their competitive environment.

More products are being used from teens to old age to make their skin original and purge out the impurities. The dead cells of skin are exchanged with new and fresh one. The oil, sebum, dust, and pimples are washed out of the pores.

It is human nature that it gets attracted to what they consider is beautiful. We all admire those whom we think are beautiful. Beauty is having a pretty face, large eyes with colored lens, a beautiful smile, slim nose, dimples, thin lips, and light complexion.

Skin Purging vs Breakout

There are other thousands of factors that come under the title of beautiful face. In addition to these features, people want spot free skin. In today’s world, outward appearance is given more preference than inner beauty. Whereas, this should never be encouraged.

People tend to hide any blemishes, spots, acne marks they have through heavy makeup. Somehow, we have become more materialistic. We want to look prettier, wear pretty clothes, and apply a good fragrance perfume. The fact everyone wants to look pretty.


Tiny facial hairs exit on the surface of our skin. Sebaceous glands are present beneath hair follicles. These sebaceous glands produce sebum and oil for the skin to keep it moisturized and hydrated. The pores or little openings in the skin are the pathways through which oil is released into the surface of the skin.

But when the pathway gets blocked, the oil is unable to travel. Hence, this oil then starts accumulating in the oil bags underneath the skin. Eventually, the size of the oil bag grows with time. Resulting is the bump that appears on our skin surface. Furthermore, these bump grows into blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

We can never blame a single factor for the causing of breakouts. Breakouts or acne is a common skin problem in teenage people but adults also can experience it. Sometimes, it is permanent and treatments are not effective.

The healing process of acne or breakout is a time taking process. One cannot get rid of it in days or weeks. Despite this, medicines also take time in the healing process. A simple treatment for breakout and acne might take up to 6 months or more.

Furthermore, even the acne stops but its scars and marks a long time to vanish. The treatment for acne and breakouts varies from one person to another. Also, this depends upon the person’s skin and how long it will take to treat.


  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Pimples
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Pus filled pimples

Common areas of existence

  • Face
  • Cheeks areas
  • Chin
  • Forehead
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Shoulders

Breakout causes

  1. The release of sebum in large quantity
  2. Stress and tension
  3. sleeplessness
  4. Use of harsh chemical products
  5. Germs and bacteria
  6. The skin swells up and becomes red
  7. Change in hormones
  8. Lack of proper diet
  9. Some medications
  10. More intake of fried food and fast food
  11. Excessive scrubbing
  12. Coffee, dried fruits, and chocolates
  13. Lack of water intake
  14. Smoking and use of drugs

How to treat breakouts

You should wash your face regularly. For example, when you come back from the market, school, college, or job. You should immediately wash your face. A mild cleanser or face wash can be used. Don’t go for a bar of ordinary bar soap. As bar soaps or bath soaps contain ingredients that do not completely remove from the skin surface.

Hence this causes pimples and acne to take place. Next, revise your diet plan. You should intake more portions of whole foods like brown bread, brown rice, and oats. Similarly, eat vegetables and fruits. A person should take more fiber content in their meals.

One more habit that must be avoided is touching your face. As we know that our face is extremely sensitive. It cannot bare dirt and germs. Touching our faces causes germs to stick on our faces. This eventually results in the formation of acne breakouts.

Most importantly, when we touch pimples they grow more infectious and the spots formed get permanent. Next, change your lifestyle as lifestyle plays an important role in maintaining stress throughout one’s life. Do perform, yoga, go to the gym and walk. Moreover, lack of sleep makes us unhealthy.

So take a good sleep for 7 to 8 hours. Once a week do exfoliate your face with the help of a scrub. You can also use a chemical peel-off instead of an ordinary scrub. It’s up to you, you should choose what so ever suits you.


The difference between breakout and skin purging is that in skin purging, clear, spotless akin can be achieved after a certain time duration. Whereas in the case of breakout sometimes the spots, acne, and pimples vanish but sometimes they become permanent.

The breakouts occur in new areas of skin where previously they did not occur. In contrast to this, in purging skin breakouts in the region where skin mostly undergoes breakouts. Breakouts disappear in a few days if occurred as a side reaction to a product. While in the case of purging, pimples and scars vanish quickly.


The main ingredients that cause breakouts and skin purging are retinoid, AHA, BHA, and vitamin C.

Skin purging

This process occurs when our skin accelerates the process of replacing old cells with new cells. As a result of this procedure, closed and open pores result in blackheads and whiteheads. Similarly, in this process, the clogged pores that previously existed are flushed out of the skin.

As a result, our skin becomes acute. Sometimes, the ingredients used for acne treatments or laser treatments cause purging to occur. We can also conclude that skin purging is the after-effect of acne and breakout treatment.

Some of the chemicals like retinol, AHA, and BHA cause them. This process starts with the acne treatment and lasts for 6 weeks more or lesser than that. It majorly depends on the patient’s acne and skin type.


To begin with this process, skin becomes dry, tight, and flaky. Therefore, you need to be very gentle on your skin. You must avoid poking the pimples or small red bumps on your face. Because, if you poke them then the treatment gets bad and you might even face more breakouts(Skin Purging vs Breakout).

What you can do is, apply a mild cleanser. Select cleanser based on your skin type. Like if you have dry skin then use an oil-based cleanser. But if you have oily skin then select a gel-based cleanser. You can find a variety of cleansers in the market. Chose the one that is affordable and that suits you the most.

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