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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

For most residents of homes without district heating, the availability of heated running water is vital. Shower, bath and frequent hand washing…. cooking, washing and washing dishes – the average consumer can use water of varying degrees of warmth up to several dozen times a day. And if we are talking about the consumption of hot water by each member of the family? In a word, one hopes for a perfectly working water heater. That’s why you need to apply for the best water tank services, which can include water tank cleaning, installation, repair, etc. By the way, water tank cleaning services are one of the most important things.

Sooner or later, you are bound to see signs that your water heater needs to be replaced. The most reliable boiler has a service life of approximately ten years, regardless of how much it was used and when it was purchased. Even if you prolong the life of your water heater with annual maintenance, it will not save you from replacing it. Therefore, it is important for every owner to know the signs indicating that it is time to buy a new heating device.

Your water heater is too old.

Nothing is eternal. And sooner or later, every consumer will definitely face the fact that he needs to change the water heater. The problem is, most homeowners don’t know when it reaches its shelf life. But ignorance of this can lead to serious risks when the heating device starts to malfunction.
How long do water heaters last?

Most water heaters are designed to last eight to ten years. But the actual need to make a replacement may arise long before this date. Regardless of whether your heater is showing any symptoms, it is best to replace it every ten years after the date of manufacture.

Signs of a bad water pump.

The water heater should be replaced if you find:

  •  The tank is starting to rust. On its walls or in the water you see rust environments.
  •  The heating device began to make an uncharacteristic noise.
  •  You have discovered a water leak.
  •  The device refuses to work (does not heat water).

Not all speakers have a long service life. This mainly concerns gas water heaters, their service life is usually six to eight years. Therefore, if you have been using such a device for a long time, think about replacing it.

Rusty water or heater inlet valve.

Although steel is one of the strongest materials on earth, its weak point is rust. As corrosion eats away at the steel surface, it slowly spreads further down the hull. The presence of rust on water pipes and steel tanks serves as a warning sign of possible trouble.

It is often difficult to tell if a water heater is rusting or if it is plumbing rust. In any case, the presence of rust is a specific problem, and it must be eliminated at least for sanitary reasons.

Water heater noise.

Another sign of a “sick” water heater is noise. As the appliance ages, the loud sounds will get louder each time the water is heated. And where a lot of water is heated, the problem will be even more pronounced. Noise from a water heater usually occurs for several reasons:

Sediment accumulation.

As the column is heavily used, sediment accumulates at the bottom of its tank. Over time, it hardens and becomes thicker. The residue quickly wears out the heating element and leads to the following problems:

● Inefficiency. Water heaters with sediment at the bottom consume more energy due to the increased load.
● Acceleration of destruction. Additional time for heating water leads to the destruction of the metal, the formation of cracks and fistulas.

The noise of the heater is an indicator that the tank is out of order. However, the accumulation of sediment can be avoided.


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