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Rapper Nocap is Locked Up: When is he coming out of jail?

Why Nocap is Locked Up

Kobe Vidal Crawford, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, professionally known as NoCap. Nocap has been locked up for the last two years for allegedly violating his parole. He was arrested in 2015 for a robbery case that took place when he was 16 years old. His attorney, Hakeem Edwards, told CBS News that Nocap “was a minor at the time of the crime and was not fully aware of what he was doing.”

The rapper is currently being held at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, Florida where he is awaiting trial on a charge of violation of supervised release. He has been ordered by a judge to remain in custody until his trial date in December 2017.

The rapper’s latest court appearance took place on January 10, 2017 when Nocap was sentenced to five years in prison. Nocap was also ordered to pay a $10,000 fine and serve two years of supervised release after his release from prison.

When is he coming out of jail?

According to a recent article on Complex Magazine, Kobe Vidal Crawford is expected to be released from prison in mid-2017. The rapper will be released on parole once he has served his full sentence.

Nocap’s first album, “Capo” was released in 2014 and features the hit single “Ghetto”. In November 2015, Nocap was arrested for violating his parole by leaving Louisiana without permission. He was subsequently sent back to jail where he is currently being held.

NoCap Claims He Has 30 Days to Turn Himself in to Police:

Kobe Vidal Crawford has an offer that is hard to resist. For 30 days, he is willing to turn himself in to the police. He tells me that he has evidence thatwill show his innocence and I must not pursue the case or they will take him into custody. I must do what is right for my person and this sentence makes it clear: if NoCap agrees to turn himself in, he will be turned over to the authorities within 6 months without any further effort on my part.

In an interview with Complex Magazine, Nocap claims that he has 30 days to turn himself in to police. In December 2016, Kobe Vidal Crawford posted a video on Instagram claiming that he was hiding in the woods for 30 days due to a warrant for his arrest.

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Says Nocap:

“I’m hiding out from the cops until I find them and turn myself in.” “You know what’s funny? My lawyer told me last week that my parole was going on my head. They said I gotta go back to jail for 30 days.”

According to Nocap, he has been singled out by police as a result of his rapper past. Nocap also claims that he has been targeted by law enforcement due to his status as a “celebrity.”

“I’m going to turn myself in. I don’t have no problem with the cops, I just got a problem with them trying to get me.” “The cops are going crazy because I’m a celebrity now,” Nocap told Complex Magazine. “They’re trying to get me, they’re trying to kill me. They’re [expletive] everywhere. I’m like, ‘This is crazy.’ Nobody knows what’s going on.”

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