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Python vs JavaScript: Similarities and Differences

Python vs JavaScript is always a debating topic among the developers especially when it comes to learning a programming language. However, both languages ​​are object-oriented programming languages, but the scope of both is different. These languages ​​share different common characteristics but differ from each other in many aspects.

Indeed, it can be challenging for the students to choose the best of these two programming languages ​​for their careers. They fail to compare between these languages. Don’t worry, in this blog, we will discuss the comparison between python and javascript.

In addition, there are many career options in both these programming languages ​​such as Python Developers and JavaScript Developers.

Before we compare Python vs JavaScript programming languages, let’s take a look at the overview of Python Assignment Help.

Overview of Python 

Python is the most powerful programming language of the 21srt century so far.  It is a high-level, general-purpose, and strongly-typed programming language. This language is a favorite of many developers because it is easy to read and concise. 

In addition, it provides dynamic semantics which makes this language easy to read. This language also has some features of the scripting programming languages. Hence, the use of this language vastly to make web applications.

Overview of JavaScript 

JavaScript is also one of the most popular high-level interactive programming languages ​​in the world. Its main objective is to provide dynamic functionality on the web browser. The use of this language to make dynamic web pages. 

The JavaScript language supports imperative programming paradigms and functional programming. Without the help of this language, it is quite impossible to use the dynamic functionality in web pages.

In the early days, javascript was mostly used for the front end designing. But nowadays, it is also playing a vital role in the backend of web pages.

Similarities between Python vs JavaScript

There are some common features of both Python and JavaScript languages, which are as follows. 

General-purpose programming language 

Python and JavaScript programming languages ​​are used in many domains from web development to software and API development.


Both Python and JavaScript programming languages use object-oriented concepts such as polymorphism, inheritance, data abstraction, and Encapsulation. 


Both languages are multi-paradigm because they support object-oriented, functional, procedural, and imperative programming paradigms.

Library support 

Both Python and JavaScript languages have extremely developed library support. The Python language has TensorFlow, Numpy, and many more. Whereas JavaScript developers can use Ionic, React, Meteor, and many more.

Comparison between Python vs JavaScript

Here are some comparisons between the Python language and JavaScript language. 


Python programming language syntax is so similar to English. Hence, you do not need to learn complicated syntax to code in this language.  You can easily run Python code under the command interpreter in Windows operating system. 

Whereas, JavaScript is more complex than the Python language. This language has a predefined syntax that is very difficult for a beginner to remember. Also, a small mistake in JavaScript will not run your script on your web browser. 

Arrays, Lists, and Tuples

When it comes to array support, Python provides workaround support for implementing arrays. 

Whereas, JavaScript has the best support for arrays in the form of inbuilt data types. 

As well, both languages ​​give exquisite support to the list. Furthermore, Python and Java programming languages also deliver support for mutable and immutable tuples. 

Functions arguments 

Python programming language has outstanding support for exception handling. Suppose you run a program with many functions and different parameters. So one of your functions will be called invalid parameters. In this case, Python will raise an exception for this mistake and show you. For this, there are also some additional parameters across it.

On the other hand, in Javascript, exception handling functionality is not available. It means that if the invalid parameter calls your function, JavaScript will be treated as undefined rather than an exception to that error.

Code blocks 

It is important to know about the code blocks in Python vs JavaScript comparison. Python programming language is one of the easiest languages. It uses indentation to define code blocks. 

Whereas on the other hand, JavaScript language uses curly brackets to define code blocks.

Hash tables

The Python programming language provides a unique feature called hashtables. This gives a slight edge to python language over JavaScript. In other words, hash tables are a combination of sets and directories. 

On the other hand, there is nothing like hash tables in the JavaScript programming language.

Mobile development

 Apart from front-end and back-end development, JavaScript will be a good option for mobile development.

Whereas the Python language is generally not used for the development of mobile applications. But in recent years, some developers have started using Python for mobile development.


We hope that this blog on Python vs JavaScript helped you understand the similarities and differences between the two programming languages. 

Both Python and JavaScript languages ​​have several aspects such as adhering to a multi-paradigm approach and being lexically scoped. Also, there are many differences between the two which we have mentioned above.

In addition, you can create a web application in both languages. But with Python programming language you can create the back end of the web app, on the other hand with JavaScript you can create both the front end and the back end.

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