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Private Companion Care vs. Government-Funded Care – What is the Difference?

As seniors age, they need more help with their everyday tasks. This is when you might start looking for elderly companion care near me in Chelmsford. Now, if we talk about companion care, you will mostly come across two kinds- Private Companion Care and Government-Funded Care.

But, what’s the difference between these two types of elderly companion care? Let’s find out!

Private Companion Care

Elderly private care services are those services that you pay for from your own pocket. These services are granted to you by your service provider after you pay for them. There is no government subsidy involved in this type of companion care, as well as no waitlist like those in government companion care, which means your elderly loved one can begin receiving the care right away without waiting.  

If we talk about the range of services being offered by private companion care. These service providers offer elderly companion caregivers for various sorts of specialised care and needs. As well as personal care, housekeeping, domestic assistance, as well as other help around the house. Such as errands, cooking, meal prep, and so on. There are other kinds of support staff available in private companion care as well, including physiotherapists, personal trainers, dieticians, and therapists, among others.

Now, if we talk about the length of time you can hire private companion care for your loved one. There is typically no limit to the number of hours you can be provided with. 

Each elderly individual will have a personalised care plan and can decrease. Or increase the number of hours for companion care that will be needed. And, families can also opt for live-in care, in which the companion caregiver will come in and live with the elderly individual to care for and look out for them. Even though private companion care may seem expensive to many, as money will be coming out. Of your own pockets, this type of companion care is still more cost-effective than various other institutional alternatives.

Government-funded companion care

Government-funded companion care refers to elderly companion care that is funded by the state. This means individuals won’t have to pay for most of the companion care amount in order to receive the service. If we talk about the quality of care one receives in government-funded companion care. The flexibility of scheduling is limited. Plus, individuals are put on a waitlist, which means service cannot be provided instantly. As one gets in private companion care. Thus, individuals are left to take whatever. They can get from the state.

Although the caregivers in government-funded companions are compassionate just like any other caregiver, they have to attend to as many elderly individuals as possible. This means their time is restricted, and they aren’t able to build a relationship with each elderly client- which is quite important if we talk about companion care.

In conclusion, private companion care gives more freedom and support to the elderly, as compared to government-funded companion care.  Passion Tree Homecare Services Ltd provide services which safeguard and promote the health, welfare and general well-being/quality of life of older people living in their own homes

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