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Price of Lithium ion batteries-Everything you want to know.

How much does a lithium ion battery cost?

Lithium ion batteries are one of the best batteries for electrical use. These batteries are very effective in the electrical vehicle.

According to the report lithium ion battery cost was 132$ per kWh in 2021. In 2020 the price of lithium ion battery went down from 140$ per kWh to 101$ per kWh. It is expecting that the price of the lithium ion battery will go up in 2022 and the estimate lithium ion battery cost is 135$ per kWh.

Why lithium ion batteries are costly?

Yes it is true that lithium ion battery cost is high. The reason is that these batteries contain metals and these metals are expensive. The availability of these metals is not as abundant as other metals like iron and aluminum. Basically these are rare on the Earth planet. It is not easy to find these metals. Metals that are used in these batteries are:

  • Lithium
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Manganese

The demand of lithium ion batteries is also very high due to its quality and capacity. People give priority to these batteries over other batteries because of its advance technology.

Are cheap lithium batteries safe?

Cheap lithium batteries cannot give you the high quality and capacity. The main drawback of using cheap lithium batteries is that they over heated and start melting. It may also cause fire and can damage your electrical appliances. Cheap lithium batteries also have poor sealing. So that’s why moisture can enter into the battery and can cause rust to the plates. It is very important the connectors should be terminated properly. Normally people buy these cheap lithium batteries just because of low cost. But they do not think about their efficiency and quality. So we suggest that you should use quality batteries those who can provide you quality and good capacity.

Is there a battery better than lithium-ion?

Solid-state batteries:

No doubt lithium ion batteries are the best batteries but the solid ones are more beneficial and efficient. Use of solid-state batteries can reduce the risk of fire and explosion. Moreover these batteries provide 50 percent more energy as compare to lithium batteries. These batteries can charge 80% within 12 minutes. So its charging speed is also very high. That’s why people give priority to solid-state batteries.

Sodium ion Batteries:

Scientists are also working on the quality of the batteries and recently they have introduced sodium batteries. These batteries have beaten the lithium batteries and as well as cobalt batteries. Sodium batteries are not very expensive and they are also environment friendly.

Graphene batteries:

Even at smaller size graphene batteries can provide more capacity than that of lithium ion batteries. According to experts any lithium ion battery can store 180Wh per kilogram. While on the other hand graphene battery can store 1000wh per kilogram. So it is a big difference and we can say that the graphene batteries are more efficient than lithium ion batteries.

Pros and cons of lithium ion batteries:

Pros of lithium ion battery:

Lithium ion batteries have high demand. Many people prefer these batteries and they also value these batteries. These batteries also have some pros and cons. Some main pros and cons of lithium ion batteries are mentioned below:

  • Lithium ion batteries are lighter in weight and smaller in size so it is easy to handle them. We can easily bring these batteries due to it less weight.
  • These batteries provide high energy capacity even in smaller size. So it has high efficiency.
  • Lithium ion batteries have very low self-discharge rate. It means that after disconnecting it from charging, it does not lose its charging power.
  • Lithium ion battery does not require maintenance on daily basis like other batteries require.
  • These batteries can be charged quickly. It consumes less time for charging.
  • No priming required for lithium ion battery.
  • Lithium ion batteries are available in different types in the market.
  • The main advantage of this battery is that it has longer lifespan.
  • Lithium ion battery can save the charge for long time. This is due to its high charging quality.

Cons of Lithium ion battery:

  • The cost of lithium ion battery is high so this is the big disadvantage.
  • Lithium ion battery needs some protection like on over charging it can cause problems.
  • There are some issues in the transportation of the lithium ion batteries because of its weight. So some airlines have limitation about it.
  • The technology used in lithium ion batteries is not advanced technology so it is a disadvantage.
  • The big disadvantage of the lithium ion battery is its safety. On overheating it can create complications. So, this is one of the big losses to lithium ion battery sellers.
  • To slow the process of ageing, lithium battery should be stored in cool place. The temperature should be round about 15 degree centigrade.
  • You cannot fully charge or discharge lithium ion batteries.

So these are the some pros and cons of the lithium ion batteries. As the demand of these batteries is high but their disadvantages also affect the demand of these batteries. Experts and scientists are working to improve the quality and efficiency of these batteries. They are also working to enhance its properties. So in future we can expect that the lithium ion batteries will be the more efficient than other batteries.


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