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Optimal Dietary Supplements for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

You can buy erectile dysfunction supplements from your local drugstore. However, before you do so, you should first consult with a doctor. This way, you can get a better response from a medical professional regarding their efficacy. They can also recommend reputable brands. The main goal of an erectile dysfunction supplement is to improve the health of blood vessels. Healthy blood vessels increase blood flow, which is essential to getting an erection.

Korean red ginseng

In a 2002 study, the effectiveness of Korean red ginseng for treating erectile dysfunction was evaluated. This study, 45 patients with ED received Korean red ginseng three times daily for 18 weeks. In addition to increasing erection rigidity and quality, the study found that Korean red ginseng significantly increased sperm motility and count and improved sex drive. However, despite its positive effects, Korean red ginseng is not without its side effects.

Although there are some risks associat with using this alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction, it is widely available and has a lower cost than Vidalista. Compar to a tablet containing Vidalista, the capsules of Korean red ginseng cost as little as six cents, and are an excellent alternative for men who are hesitant to take a prescription drug.

Several other studies have shown that Korean red ginseng may improve sexual function in premenopausal women. One study in premenopausal women found that oral administration of KRG extracts improved sexual function compare to a placebo. In addition, further studies are need to examine the effects of KRG on female sexual dysfunction, including arousal and desire disorders.


In a study publish in 2003 in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, researchers found that dipeptide arginine aspartate and pine bark supplement Pycnogenol improve erections in men with erectile dysfunction. Further studies are need to determine whether L-arginine plays a role in the treatment of ED.

The amino acid L-arginine is naturally occurring in many foods and has many metabolic functions. Arginine plays a crucial role in erectile function by contributing to the production of nitric oxide, a vasodilator, and improving blood flow to the penis. It also plays a role in treating cardiovascular disease and improving a man’s output at the gym.

The effects of L-arginine on erectile dysfunction are mix. Some studies have report that it improved erections in men with type 2 diabetes. Another study show that 31% of men with Erectile Dysfunction improved their sexual performance after taking L-arginine. However, these studies have been conducted on a small scale and further study is needed.

Studies on arginine’s role in preventing erectile dysfunction have shown that it can improve insulin sensitivity in men with type 2 diabetes. In addition, arginine treatment improved oligozoospermia in men with infertility. Furthermore, arginine therapy improved the blood flow of superior mesenteric arteries and mucosa.

Vitamin D

The use of vitamins and dietary supplements to treat erectile dysfunction is common, studies show that there is limit evidence to support their efficacy. However, prescription medications, such as sildenafil (Viagra or Revatio), Vidalista 20 (Cialis), and avanafil/Stendra (Stendra), are the most common form of ED treatment. Vitamins may be recommend by your physician or health care provider in conjunction with prescribe medications for erectile dysfunction, such as Vidalista (Cialis), or sildenafil (Levitra). However, it is important to note that prescription erectile dysfunction medications can interact with other prescription drugs, so it is important, to be honest about your symptoms and

Insufficient amounts of vitamin D may cause erectile dysfunction. Vitamin D supplementation may also promote a healthy immune system and support bone health. However, it is important to note that high levels of vitamin D may cause toxicity, resulting in kidney damage and heart rhythm problems. Another supplement for erectile dysfunction is vitamin B3, also known as niacin. It is known to improve erection quality, but existing studies are limite by low sample sizes.

In general, a diet that contains sufficient amounts of vitamin D can improve erection dysfunction. However, many factors affect ED. While certain health conditions can cause erectile dysfunction, others are unaffect by this condition. Dietary supplements and lifestyle changes may improve symptoms and are a natural alternative to prescription medications. Vitamin D is the most study vitamin for treating erectile dysfunction. It has been linked to cardiovascular health and sexual function.

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