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Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool – A Complete Guide

Simply try Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore tool to achieve accurate outcomes after the completion. This tool highly secure and compatible at the same time.

Office 365 is one of Microsoft’s most commonly used services worldwide. Due to the immense benefits that the user will get from this service, many corporates and individuals take advantage for their daily business routine. With Office 365, users can work online, share files, and work from anywhere on different devices. Irrespective of the fact, all data saved on the cloud, it is essential to take Office 365 email backup to protect the data from unforeseen circumstances. So, there are multiple platforms through which it is easier to take the backup regularly. One of them is the Office 365 backup tool; this blog explains the requirement to bring Office 365 backup requirements and one professional software.

What Prompt Users to take Office 365 Data Backup?

Many users believe that their data will be safer if they use the Office 365 service for their business communication. This means no one can harm their data, but they are wrong. There are several situations that will make you think twice on you to believe of taking Microsoft 365 backup regularly. So we have prepared a list of some of them, which you can see below:

  • Login on Multiple Systems

Managing email communication over Office 365 is more accessible from multiple systems. Users need their credentials to use their accounts. However, it may take you into deep trouble if you have forgotten to log out from your account; any user can intentionally or accidentally deletes your data.

  • Hackers Attack

Professional hackers almost try to steal the user’s information/data, which may lead to financial or financial loss. It would help if you always thought of taking Office 365 backup to overcome such instances.

  • For Auditing and other Purposes

An organization always needs their data to comply with other business activities. One of them is auditing, so the data needs to share their data, requiring users to export Office 365 data in other file formats like Outlook PST.

Above-listed are some of the reasons which make it essential to have a backup to avoid any hassle in the future. Some solutions will make it easier to back up data, like a third-party Office 365 backup tool. However, going towards the third-party software, we will make aware of some of the drawbacks of the native method to backup Office 365 data.

Problem Associated with Native Office 365 backup Solution

Having everything in control is the key to success, particularly while creating the backup of the Office 365 mailboxes. The native methods offered by Microsoft for initiating Office 365 email backup require good technical skills. In addition, anything that goes wrong while taking backup can put the organization’s data trouble.

Some of the common problems which manual solution possesses:

  • It consumes a lot of time to back up users’ complete Office 365 data and is a bit complex.
  • Does not allow selectively backup of the data, which means not giving freedom to filter the data.
  • A single mistake during the backup process can also cost you data loss.
  • Not capable of simultaneously backing up multiple users’ data.

These are some reasons we will not suggest taking help from native Office 365 backup methods. However, do not worry; there are solutions like the Shoviv Office 365 backup tool that overcomes all the challenges the user may face with the manual Microsoft 365 backup solution. Before explaining to you about the third-party tool, learn what attributes make the best Office 365 backup solution. Check out fewer of them:

  • Ability to migrate the Office 365 data into multiple environments
  • Filter and search capabilities
  • Easy to use
  • Quick and responsive
  • Offer data safety
  • Highly advanced functionalities
  • Backup Reporting

We will now move toward explaining more about the alternative backup method, which will fulfil the listed criteria.

An Overview: Shoviv Office 365 Backup and Restore Tool

Shoviv Office 365 backup tool meets all listed criteria and provides excellent features to make the backup process smoother. Due to its advanced working capabilities, it delivers the result in a short period. The software can take Microsoft 365 backup in several file formats such as Outlook PST, MSG, MBOX, etc. To make it easier for the users, we have explained the capabilities this tool offers below pointers.

  1. It has the backup scheduling feature, which comes in handy if the users automate the backup process in three-time settings: daily, weekly, and monthly.
  2. The tool possesses highly advanced setting such as incremental backup. This feature will allow any halted backup process to continue from the last interrupted point while making sure to eliminate data duplicity.
  3. This software also comes out with one of the most demanded features, like a filter option. Users can use it to remove or add any data before the backing process.
  4. Users can create the connection once, and then after, it is possible to run multiple backup jobs simultaneously.
  5. It is even easier to back up the Office 365 public folder into the PST file format.
  6. One of the most beneficial features that will help improve its processing speed is the timer for a large item. This tool eliminates those data items which take significant time to get processed. It provides an option for the users to set the time to process an item.

Ending Remarks

Taking a backup of the Office 365 account comes with multiple challenges, which include keeping the data integrity intact, not losing data, etc. However, this article explains your challenges while taking Office 365 email backup using native methods. In addition, we have described one such solution which will overcome them.

To examine the working capabilities of the third-party Office 365 backup tool, users can look at their demo version. Its free trial version allows taking the backup of the first 50 items per folder.

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