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Need More Options? 6 Benefits Of Visiting Granny Flat Showrooms

If you’re looking for the perfect granny flat for your property, you can easily see a lot of options near you. You can start by searching a list of possible granny flat builders online since it’s the easiest. Then, you can have a shortlist of the builders you’ve chosen. As you may already know, granny flats are living areas that are usually located on properties that have main houses. They can be detached or attached to the main house and can accommodate at least two people.

Granny flats serve as home extensions, and can also be used as an office, renting out, and pool house. If you already have a list of prospective builders, it’s necessary to set an appointment to visit their showrooms. Showrooms are the best possible version of the design of the granny flat that you want so you should look at them. If you want to know more about the importance of visiting showrooms for granny flats, then you should check the list below!

1. You can get inspiration

While in the planning process, you may already have a rough design in mind. However, when you visit showrooms, you’ll be able to decide on the style, colours, and model. Moreover, you’ll get more inspiration on how to execute the parts that you don’t have any plans for yet.

When looking at online catalogues, you can also get some inspiration, but it’s best if you can see them in real life. In addition, as you walk around different granny flats, you can get some ideas from one feature to another. With that, you can combine all the features you like to create your dream granny flat.

But if you don’t have any idea what design you like, it’s even more important to visit granny flat showrooms. It’s more exciting when you see design inspirations that you haven’t seen before.

2. You can see if the price is right

Have you tried looking at online pictures of showrooms and wondered what materials were used? When you visit granny flat showrooms, you can see why a certain unit costs the way it is. If everything looks sturdy and still, then it’s a great option. Furthermore, when you see and feel high-quality granny flats, you’ll be able to compare the prices they offer and can easily choose the right one based on the design you like and your budget. Do you have a budget in mind? Then you can ask the builders to let you see the right granny flat based on your budget.


3. You can talk to experts

When you talk to experts online, you might have some misunderstandings or even days before getting the answer to your questions. Meanwhile, in face-to-face conversations, you’ll be informed about the specific details in real-time. And when you visit showrooms, you can easily talk to various specialists depending on your needs. Aside from that, they will also guide you in choosing the best model, and some options on how to design the unit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as they’re free of charge.

Pro tip: List all the possible questions you want to ask different experts so that you won’t have to ask them again once you agree to avail of their services.

4. You can see the actual granny flat

Have you tried booking an online transient or rooms? If you have, then there’s a possibility that there are some parts of the rooms you booked that don’t seem to be like the pictures online. The common issue about online booking is the size unless it’s stated in the details. So when you know that it’s hard to imagine rooms based on online pictures, then it’s harder to think about an entire granny flat. In reality, things look differently especially when it comes to the quality of materials and workmanship.

Furthermore, if you’re not familiar with common materials used in building houses and granny flats, you should see the finished product.


5. You’ll be familiar with different brands

You may have seen a few brands that are usually used by builders, but you may not have seen them all yet. When you ask the specialists in the showrooms, they can introduce all possible brands you may encounter throughout the building process. Additionally, since the builders know these brands, they may already have a partnership that can help you gain more discounts and freebies. As you get to know these brands, you’ll be able to identify their differences, and it’ll be easier for you to choose what’s best for you.

6. You’ll have a lot of options

As mentioned before, visiting showrooms will give you tons of options before you come up with your preferred granny flat. And aside from the design, you’ll also have options when it comes to pricing, builders, and materials.

So if you have enough time, you should visit at least three builders with showrooms so that you won’t have to compromise due to limited alternatives.


So now that you know why it’s best if you visit showrooms compared to just browsing online, then you should start researching. Make sure that you choose the best builders for your granny flat to avoid any regrets.

Don’t forget to share with us the outcome of your granny flat by leaving a comment below!

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