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Nail Care Services

Beautiful nails involve a lot of work: nail care with creams and masks, processing the nail plate with nail files, strengthening varnishes and many other ways. A neat manicure completes the image of a girl, emphasizing her femininity. Made by an experienced craftsman, he will delight his owner for a long time.

Why are nail treatments and products needed?

Well-groomed nails are needed not only for beauty – they are very important in terms of hygiene. During the procedure, dust and dirt accumulating under regrown nails are removed, and the cuticle is processed. Our fingers touch our face quite often, and the presence of bacteria and dirt can easily irritate delicate skin.

Not all girls like to spend money on beauty salons, preferring to figure out how to care for their nails on their own, and then try learning at home. And they do it right! Even without visiting expensive studios and using the most common cosmetics, you can provide competent and high-quality nail care at home. A set of simple procedures that every girl needs to know will help you with this. Although their regular use is somewhat laborious, it is fully paid for by the immaculately shaped nails, their attractive shine.

To strengthen nails at home, you can buy special cosmetics available in both regular and professional stores. Your hands will appreciate spa baths with salt, caring creams and masks.

How to do a manicure at home?

First of all, you need to choose the right nail file. For strong nails, sapphire or sand-looking tools are great. Weak and brittle nails are best treated with fine-grained files that have a semicircular shape with a buffer zone, which can gently grind the nails while maintaining their structure. Immediately you need to abandon the iron tools that contribute to the delamination of the nail plate. The basis of manicure files should be cardboard or rubber.

It does not hurt to follow the following tips for caring for nails: you can file them only in a dry state, since wet ones are much easier to damage. Movements should be directed in one direction, preferably towards the nail hole from its tip. The shape is better to choose depending on the condition of the nails and the type of fingers. For example, square nails can decorate only thin and long fingers, visually shortening the rest. In the latter case, it is recommended to prefer the classic oval shape. Of course, there are various unusual ideas for manicure, but it is better to implement them in beauty salons.

A special polisher with four working surfaces will help to achieve a mirror shine. As a rule, there are numbers on them indicating the sequence for polishing.

How to care for your nails: cuticle removal

Proper manicure must include cuticle care and removal. Ideally, this should not happen in a trimming way, for example, you can apply a special liquid to the cuticle, which can gently soften the skin around the nail and prevent its subsequent growth. After that, with an orange stick, you need to gently push the skin down around the nail.

An equally important issue is burr removal. Before this process, you will need to steam your hands in a warm bath and wipe dry with a clean towel. To facilitate the task will help special tweezers to remove burrs, having triangular tips – they gently bite off excess skin. Before the procedure, the instrument must be disinfected with an alcohol solution, as well as small wounds and cuts.

Why do we need a manicure?

  • The habit of cutting nails was originally necessary for hygienic purposes. After all, dirt accumulates under them, which is a breeding ground for pathogens. Once in the stomach, they can cause serious illness. Manicure is not at all painting nails with varnish, as it may seem. This is, first of all, keeping them clean.
  • The condition of the hands used to determine the social status and profession of a person. Soft delicate skin and well-groomed nails have always been considered a sign of aristocracy. And representatives of the working class were immediately given calluses on the palms and the lack of manicure.
  • Well-groomed hands with a manicure are a must for some professions, such as business attire. This applies to actors, politicians, sales managers, teachers, as well as those who work in the service sector, such as waiters, bartenders, massage therapists, etc. But here it is important to choose the right option for the occasion. For an artist, the main thing is the brightness of the image and shocking, so rhinestones, stones and bright colors can be used to decorate nails. For doctors, cleanliness is the most important thing. Long nails and a lot of decor can only get in the way.
  • Manicure can be the highlight of your whole image, especially if it is not about everyday activities, but about some kind of holiday. Women always go to the salon before corporate parties, receptions and parties. The bride will need a special manicure.
  • Self confidence. Well-groomed hands give their owner self-confidence and looseness. Remember how unpleasant it feels to be forced to hide your hands after going to the country.
  • Survey results show that most men pay attention to the condition of women’s hands when they first meet. Therefore, if you want to be popular with the opposite sex, you should constantly monitor the condition of your hands and nails.

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