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Modern Groom and Groomsmen attire ideas


A Tuxedo accentuates the fit personality of the male counterparts. A well-made tuxedo may make a big difference in the persona you want to present to others. One of the most significant occasions in a man’s life is his wedding, thus dressing to the nines is essential. Modern groom outfit, as well as the groomsmen’s suits, should match the location and adhere to the concept. However, how are tuxedos chosen? What further items are there? It is, after all, your special day. There are tuxedo fundamentals, several tuxedo jacket and shirt types, vests, tuxedo pants, shoes, and accessories, as well as popular tuxedo looks.

What makes a Tuxedo…..a Tuxedo? Although suits and tuxedos may appear similar at first glance, there is a distinction. The primary distinction between the two is that tuxedos contain satin accents, including satin-faced lapels, satin buttons, and a satin side strip down the leg of the pants, while suits do not. Modern tuxedos frequently employ satin only for a thin lapel trim and a narrow stripe down the pant leg, yet this is frequently still seen as a tuxedo.


The finer points are crucial while picking a jacket style. The jacket significantly determines your tuxedo’s look.

• Single Breasted (w/ peak lapels)

The most popular style of tux is single-breasted. This is the style that you have the most access to.

• Double Breasted (w/ peak lapels)

You can look incredibly distinctive, valiant, and manly with a double breasted tux. The fitting of a double breasted tux is the secret to its outstanding looks. It must have the ideal fit around your shoulders, taper at the waist, and be the appropriate length. The majority of double breasted tuxes have broader lapels, which complement a butterfly bow tie quite well.

• Single Breasted (w/ notch lapels)

This is frequently the design for you if you’re looking for a modern cut tux that is designed with a slimmer silhouette. These tuxedos look best when worn with traditional butterfly or narrow batwing bow ties due to the narrow notch lapels. Additionally, they look wonderful with solid, slim black ties, giving off a more contemporary, fashionable, and relaxed vibe while wearing a black tie.

• Single Breasted (w/ shawl collar)

The single breasted tux with a small shawl collar is another great option for the trend-setting and Homo sapiens sapiens. It is frequently used with slim black neckties as well as regular black bow ties. Not appropriate for this jacket style are lapel flowers. Choose a solid white pocket square instead.

• The White Dinner Jacket

It is a formal black tie event taking place in a more pleasant setting during the day. The white tux is available with any lapel style, both single and double breasted. Black tuxedo pants, a white dress shirt with onyx studs, a cummerbund with pleats in black, and dress shoes made of leather complete the outfit.


Tuxedos often have one of three types of lapels.

• Peak lapels

These lapels are divided from the upper collar and always point upward. The most formal and conventional of the three lapel styles is the peak lapel.

• Shawl collars

A shawl collar is a full-circumference piece of solid, circular satin. These are regarded as being considerably more comfortable, but they are undoubtedly the most stylish, classy, and exquisite.

• Notch lapels

These lapels are divided from the upper collar and always face outward. These are the least formal of the three and are most frequently used with suits.

A Tuxedo coat may have a self-lapel with satin trim, a satin lapel with self-trim, or a pleated or double lapel.


Selecting the right tuxedo colors is crucial, especially if it’s your wedding. The proper colors for your tuxedo can depend on a variety of things. You must bear in mind what the bridesmaids are wearing. Is it a nighttime or afternoon event?

Unquestionably, blue is the season’s most prominent color. This hue succeeds in looking official. For evening gatherings or weddings, the darker colors are ideal. Given that they have historically been the most popular selection for weddings, grey tuxedos can also be taken into account. Particularly in the summer months, the brighter colors are ideal for a daytime event or wedding. The most distinctive and timeless formal options are the traditional black tuxedos. At nighttime gatherings, it appears more spectacular. You only need a black tuxedo and tasteful accessories for your wedding.


In general, a jacket is considered more formal the fewer buttons it has on the fastening. Most single-button jackets are tuxedos or dinner jackets, which is not a coincidence considering that single-button jackets are the most formal in contemporary menswear. Although slightly more informal, two-button coats are more adaptable. Two-button tuxedos are still available today, but they are more usually seen on suits.


A well-chosen tuxedo shirt will reflect well on your sense of fashion and fit the occasion.
Tuxedo modern shirt collars
The fold-out collar tips that resemble wings give the Wing Tip, the most formal collar option, its name. It is intended to be worn with a tuxedo and bow tie. The most popular and adaptable type of collars are spread collars. Both bow ties and neckties, as well as jackets and tuxedos, are acceptable. Spread collars come in a variety of points and angles, ranging from the narrow spread of the front point collar to the wide spread of the cutaway collar.

Shirt bibs

A rectangular panel that runs up the front of some formal shirts is present. A “bib” doubles your shirt’s breast material, making sure that whatever that is visible under your tuxedo jacket is bright white and not transparent. There are two types of bibs: pique and pleated, which include vertical pleats on either side of the button placket (which are made up of stiff fabric usually woven with a dimpled pattern, and are considered more formal).

Shirt plackets

The central piece of fabric where a shirt’s buttonholes are located is known as a bracket. The most typical kind of placket is the front placket. A fused interlining is stitched with the fabric folded over for a traditional (and symmetrical) appearance. The more formal type of placket is called a covered placket (fly front), and it covers your shirt’s buttons with an additional piece of cloth. The highest four buttons on the tuxedo front (plain front), which is a style that virtually resembles the French front, can be taken off to accommodate tuxedo studs.

Shirt cuffs

Buttons are used to keep barrel cuffs closed rather than rolls or cufflinks. The formal shirt cuffs known as “French cuffs” are rolled back and secured in place with cufflinks. French cuffs will improve your appearance.


Bow tie OR neck tie

Make it a bow tie if you’re going to a very formal or strict black tie event. Your bow tie’s material can add texture to your appearance.



Consider going without a vest if you like a more contemporary or carefree appearance. It is a modern option that is becoming more and more fashionable today and goes well with both suits and tuxedos.

Low-cut vest

Because they are cut lower in the front than a regular suit vest—hence the name—low-cut vests are thought to be more formal and show off your tuxedo shirt. Contrary to the full-back vest, it is acceptable to button every button.


The two vertical satin stripes on either side of the leg and the matching satin waistline elevate the tuxedo pant above standard suit trousers. The stripes, a feature frequently found on military uniforms, and the waistline conceal the pant seams for a seamless appearance that gives the impression that your legs are longer, making you appear taller.

Choosing a modern tuxedo over a suit gives you and your groomsmen an elegant and coordinated appearance right away. When you look beautiful and stand out at your wedding, you are wearing the nicest tuxedo.

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