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Modern-day MEAN Development Technologies in 2022

MEAN Development Technologies

The 21st century is the new age of technological advancement where digitalization has exceeded all expectations. Developers are seen exploring new horizons and coming up with new strategies to provide solutions to emerging problems. This development is a continuous process and will continue to improve, bringing more innovation into the business sector, which indirectly impacts other industries. However, any technology or machinery without software is nothing. Thus, building robust software becomes crucial for any tech or gadget to succeed in the modern world. Companies here opt for standard and consistent software stacks by building them from scratch.

You may even have heard about back-end and front-end development and how it plays an essential role in increasing the performance of any technology. Though the front-end is inclined towards attracting customers with its design and features that keep the users engaged, the back-end plays a vital role. They deal with the software and tools to offer excellent functionality and features to users. All the services and operations are part of this. Here the software stacks come into action, offering unique characteristics depending on the stack being used and for what company. MEAN, MERN and LAMP are a few examples of such stacks.

MEAN Stack

This post will just discuss MEAN stack development, its importance, and why it is being used by companies worldwide. MEAN is an abbreviated form of four JavaScript frameworks where M stands for MongoDB, E for Express.js, A for Angular.js, and N for Node.js. The user-friendly and full-stack frameworks help build versatile apps and websites for businesses improving user engagement at times. In short, MEAN is an open-source stack that enables a developing company to use a systematic and deficient method of building MEAN web app prototypes.

Talking about the programming language used by MEAN, one should remember the stack uses a single language that runs seamlessly on all the app tiers. This leads to an advanced and efficient web and app development process. The above four MEAN technologies serve different purposes. MongoDB is a NoSQL database system, whereas Expres.js is a web framework to develop web apps in Node. On the other hand, Angular.js is a JavaScript framework built by Google and Node.js is a server-side JavaScript implementation environment.

Seeing the current trends, we can say MEAN development is gaining popularity in the modern world of web application development. This particular stack helps businesses create scalable apps optimized for cloud implementation and further simplify the process with the built-in web server. Besides this, it streamlines the web development procedure by using one language throughout the app. Large enterprises that deal with extensive data usually use MEAN to manage big data with MongoDB’s help easily. Thus, creating apps from scratch following a standard software stack development process. Developers use robust tools for back-end development to decrease the development time and optimize resource usage.

A Deeper Dig into the Mean Stack Technologies

  1. MongoDB

The open-source, cross-platform database technology is written in C++ language that stores data in pairs with the help of binary data type. JSON is an example of such data. The document-oriented NoSQL database is what it is known as to many companies worldwide. Here the document resembles objects in OOPS. If you are looking for an advanced strategy to maintain and manage large tables with extensive data, MongoDB becomes an ideal choice for database systems. Here developers can easily add a field instead of updating the table. Imagine creating a complete app with a single application, JavaScript.

The JSON document created in Angular.js is sent to Express.js to be processed and stored in Mongo DB for retrieval later.

  1. Express.JS

The second technology used in MEAN is Express.js, a lightweight and flexible server framework. It builds single, multi-page, and hybrid web apps for companies utilizing the Pug engine to support various templates. This particular technology runs on the Node.js server, helping Express.js earn the title of a swift and minimalist web framework. Moreover, its strong URL routing models and HTTP handling requests and responses make it the best in its game. Few professional developers can make XML HTTP requests (XHRs),r GETs, or POSTs from the Angular.js to connect to Express.js functions that make the app work. In the end, these functions convert into MongoDB’s Node.js driver.

  1. Angular.JS

Angular.js is considered an open-source JavaScript framework created by Google with an aim to use MVC structure in browser-based apps that make the entire process efficient. Further, it creates an intelligent web application that powers personalization. Here the developers can use HTML as a template language, allowing them to extend HTML tags with metadata to describe all the app components. Hence, binding the entire process together from validation to back-end service for users.

  1. Node.JS

It creates web servers and develops web apps for end-users. It is a server-side implementation JavaScript environment using a non-blocking and event-driven I/O model. Companies searching for data-intensive, efficient, and lightweight apps make use of MEAN stack development to run the app on multiple devices. MEAN developers can run it on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

All of them follow a simple structure where the client makes a request accepted by Angular.js. It then moves the request to Node.js. Then Express.js comes into action and makes calls to MongoDB to set data. Once the requested data is retrieved, it returns the request to Express.js. Node.js here returns the request to clients, displaying the result.


MEAN stack is nothing new to developers or software development companies who deal with different types of software every day. This software can be for various industries serving specific needs and requirements of a business. These days, all modern technologies have software to function smoothly, and it wouldn’t be incorrect to say that technology would be of no use without it. Hence, this makes it necessary for companies to create powerful software that provides incredible services. Mean stack becomes a desirable yet most challenging software stack that needs particular attention in order to understand and implement the process. Therefore, the next time you want to create software, look at MEAN. If not this, then there are other stacks like MERN and mevn stack.

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