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Meditation for Beginners: Top Simple Guide


Meditation is the most effective solution for all your daily problems that arises due to heavy stress and anxiety. It helps you to shape your problems and become more peaceful and happy. Apart from your bodily integrity, it also inculcates more focus in your work or studies and less worries about the discomforts. 

If you are a beginner in meditation, then you just have to follow certain basic things while doing meditation which will provide an immense boost to your work. So here is a simple guide that can be opted by beginners in meditation. 


Try to sit for 5 minutes 

This seems impractical because you may think that just sitting for 5 minutes cannot create wonders. But if you start that for initial days, say a week, you can understand your sitting capacity. If you get the knowledge of yourself about how much time you can sit, you can assess the duration accordingly. This is a slow process and if all goes well, you can increase the time subsequently in the following days. This will assure you the gradual grip on the tasks that you perform. 


Make it a morning task

Make it a habit that you would do meditation as the first thing in the morning of a day. For this, you can set a remainder, if you forget just in case. This is important because doing meditation requires consistency as the consistency only can produce better results and this consistency can only be possible by doing it daily. So make it a daily morning habit or any of the time in a day, but make it a must to do activities of your daily tasks. 


Do not fall into the questions of how aspects of the meditation 

Many people, while doing the meditation, often worry about how to do it, how much time one needs to do, how to use a cushion while meditating etc. But these are secondary for a beginner in meditation because these questions bring in inertia for a person to start the activity. So just set a place for your meditation in your room along with a round cushion or a bench and try starting meditation in the morning hours. This set up would prove effective in the long term process.  


Check and count your breath

Now that you have settled on your place with a meditation pillow along with all your thoughts, start counting the number of inhales and exhales that you are taking while meditating. Just turn your attention to the inhalation and exhalation by acting as a complete vigilant about the air that comes in and goes out. Repeat counting the breaths, this is important because it will help you to overcome the distractions that come during the meditation. 


Observe your feelings before

Before you actually start your meditation observe your state of mind. Check whether you are feeling anxiety or depression while doing meditation. But you must note that it is absolutely natural to have such thoughts in the beginning of the session, the art of meditation and its results help in reducing such experiences. 


Remind to come back

Now it is very common to have your mind to move all the places and judge all the instances while you are meditating. At this time, you must remember to come back to the process of counting your breaths and avoid judging all the instances, which will only distract your concentration. There is a trick to avoid wandering of mind, that is you just need to start counting from first instead of continuing the count. This will discourage the movement of the mind here and there. 


Observe your body after

While doing the meditation, you start observing your body and feel the flow of energy from the top to the bottom of your body till your toes. This can be done once you become little acquainted and accustomed with the breathing exercise. And now that you are observing your body and following the flow of the air into your body parts, it is important not to lose focus on your breathing. In order to get hold of the task, observe the surroundings as well by focusing on one aspect like on the light in your room, or the sound of your fan etc.   


Smile after you are done

Once you are done with the meditation, just smile and appreciate yourself for caring for your own mind and body. This will boost your immunity and develop a positive attitude towards life and bring healthy habits.

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