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Many tips to get more followers on Instagram?

get more followers on Instagram

I’ve been using Instagram since 2022, especially for my Peppermint Beauty blog. I gained subscribers naturally, without asking myself too many questions. On December 7, I created an Instagram account for Le Citron Rose. So I was starting from 0. It’s weird when besides I count 6000 subscribers on Peppermint Beauty. And then I told myself that I was going to take advantage of my 5 years of experience on social networks to grow Le Citron Rose’s Instagram. I started applying quite a few tricks so far, and I wanted to share them with you. My efforts paid off as I had 800 subscribers after only 4-5 months(Many tips to get more followers on Instagram?). Best site to buy Instagram followers in Canada

Whether the purpose of the account is for sales or notoriety, we often seek to have more subscribers on Instagram. The hardest part is getting started but over time subscribers will come naturally. The accounts were more visible, and the publications too. Since the change of algorithm, it is more complicated to find a place. But it is not impossible! You just have to devote more time to it and have a minimum strategy

Go from 0 to 1000 Instagram subscribers in a few months, it’s possible!

But for that you have to apply as regularly as possible the 8 tips to have more Instagram subscribers given in this article   Here I am talking about winning 1000 subscribers in an ethical and fair play way. So I’m not talking about the unscrupulous methods that some accounts use to achieve this result. These 1000 subscribers earned will be engaged with your account and will be much more qualified than subscribers purchased or acquired more or less honestly. Speaking of honesty, below are the 3 methods that I strongly advise against(Many tips to get more followers on Instagram?).

Methods to avoid on Instagram

 Buy followers

Whether buying subscribers or buying likes, the principle is the same: the buyer wants to inflate his statistics to achieve quick results. There are two problems here with this method.

The first problem is that Instagram is actively fighting against this practice. Some accounts manage to slip through the cracks, but when Instagram realizes that your followers are fake, it can clean up your followers or suspend your account. I act it for myself a few years ago. I had been following a person since their debut, but in the meantime, they had resorted to buying followers. A few months later, Instagram went to his account and sorted between real and fake subscribers. I let you guess the following…

The 2nd problem that arises is that your fake followers are empty shells: they will bring you nothing. These will not be people who will interact with your content or people who will be customers of your products/services. In addition to being ghost followers, fake followers will lower your account’s engagement rate and posts. Instagram will therefore be less inclined to show your posts to as many people as possible. And the important thing with the new algorithm is none other than… engagement!

The follow/unfollow method

I think it’s the practice that annoys me the most because it has a knack for being shitty with other accounts. The principle? I subscribe to a hundred accounts every day. I wait for them to subscribe back, then I unsubscribe. As simple as that! This is called the follow/unfollow technique. This will increase your number of subscribers but from the moment the person realizes that you have subscribed. Top best sites to buy Instagram followers in Canada 

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