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Learn simple chemistry hacks with chemistry tuition in Singapore

If you study Chemistry you must have been wondering about the importance of this subject in our everyday lives. Chemistry is that branch of science that deals with changes in matter and the analysis of different properties. Everything from how our human body exchanges oxygen to the creation of the universe has a side of this vital subject linked with it. You can gain knowledge of some wonders of chemistry by reaching out to chemistry tuition in Singapore. Read this blog to explore some chemistry wonders.

Understand few chemistry hacks by seeking guidance from Chemistry tuition in Singapore

The chemistry hacks are time-saving and offer you some important results. These science-backed tricks are easy and simple to perform. Let us see some of them:

  1. Know about cold drinks from O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore

Apart from refreshing, cold drinks do have another purpose. It can be efficiently used for polishing old coins and silvers. How? Two main chemicals are there in cold drinks – a) citric acid which lowers a drink’s pH level and b) phosphoric acid which balances the drink’s sugary taste. We all know that lower pH makes the drink acidic, so when you drop a rusty old coin in a glass of cold drink, the chemicals in it change the iron oxide into ferric phosphate. Iron phosphate helps in removing rust from the coin. Isn’t that interesting? You can do it now. Learn about this hack in more detail from Chemistry tuition in Singapore.

Without wasting time contact one of the top O-Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

  1. Test eggs in water

This is a super-life hack that can ward you away from cracking open bad raw eggs. What can you do then? Keep an egg in a cup of water. If it is sinking, then it is fresh. If it is floating, that indicates it is not fresh. A decaying and rotten egg releases hydrogen sulfide and this gas makes eggs buoyant in water. If you want to learn Chemistry and make your foundation strong, you can contact one of the reputed learning centres offering O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.

  1. Escape from a sticky situation

Days are gone for haircuts if you get chewing gum-induced hair. How? See this home remedy which can help you out. Chewing gums are indeed extremely sticky to your hair, shoes or anything. You can easily remove chewing gums from hair without cutting hair chunks by just applying mayonnaise or peanut butter into the chewing gum. Both of these things act like a conditioner that makes your hair greasy. It makes the chewing gum free from its grasp on your hair and lets your hair slide off.

  1. Add salt to coffee 

Do not waste a cup of coffee if you find it battery acid. When you add salt to the cup of coffee, it releases sodium ions and blocks the receptor taste of your tongue. It avoids you from detecting the bitter taste of coffee. So now you can sprinkle a little bit of salt to neutralize the bitterness. You can learn and achieve knowledge of these types of hacks from chemistry tuition in Singapore.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the above-mentioned wonders of chemistry. These simple solutions can make your everyday life easy. Now you cannot have a hard day if you use these hacks. Chemistry is an interesting subject to learn. If you want to get in-depth knowledge about the wonders of chemistry, contact one of the leading O Level Chemistry Tuition in Singapore.


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