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Launch Gojek Clone KINGX 2022 App

What does it take to Launch a Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022? Some Experts will say 7 – 8 Years of Hard Work, Renting out Office Space, Hiring IT-Skilled Professionals, and Retaining them by paying out Six-Figure Salaries! While Smart Solution Seekers will say that it takes only 7 Days to Launch a Pre-Built App that offers more than 70 On-Demand Services within its fold. 


The Process of Launching your very own KINGX 2022 starts by finding a White-Labeling Firm that’s Renowned in the On-Demand App Development Industry. To shortlist the best Firm and get your App uploaded on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for download, look for:

  • Firms that have Launched more than a thousand Apps in the past Couple of Years.
  • See that the Firm offers Demo Apps Trials for FREE for as long as you want until you come up with a Final Purchase Decision. 
  • See that the White-Labeling Firm has an Industry Experience of at least 10 Years in launching Ready-Made and Ready-to-Launch Apps. 
  • The Firm must have abundant Video Testimonials of their Client on the Official Website. 
  1. After you’ve found a White-Labeling Firm, the next steps include discussing your Business Requirements with the Technical Project Managers of the Firm.  
  2. The Gojek Clone App Developers will then rebrand their Base App with your Company’s Name and Logo. They’ll also change the Color-Theme of the App and Website according to the Color Scheme of your Company’s logo. 
  3. Besides, the Firm will upload the Customized iOS & Android Demo Apps, A Website, and Admin Panel on their Developmental Server for Approval.  
  4. Only after the App Owner’s Approval, the Technical Team will go ahead and Launch the App on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


Taxi Business

Individual Taxi Drivers or entire businesses can Register on the App to provide their Services Online. The new set of perks introduced for Taxi Services include: 

  • Back-to-Back Trips: The Taxi/Moto Driver can accept a Ride Request even when they’re in the middle of an On-Going Trip. This lets them earn more without waiting for Ride Requests. 
  • Driver Reward: Taxi/Moto Drivers can earn Monetary Rewards by completing a level or Achieving a Badge like Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. After completion of each level, the Admin credits X Amount of Reward Funds in their In-App Wallet.

On-Demand Car Washer Service

Gojek Clone App KINGX 2022 offers a new feature to On-Demand Service Providers like Car Washers. These Providers can upload Videos in their Gallery along with Pictures. This lets them showcase their Services to the App Users in a better way. In short, uploading Videos will enhance their chance of getting hired based on their Previous Works and Processes!  

Doorstep Grocery Delivery 

Grocery Stores can upload multiple images and videos of their Stores and Items on the App. This will let the Shoppers have a clearer picture of how the Store Looks, how Items are stored, how the Food & Beverage Items look like, etc. The Store Owners can also add pictures and videos of their clean Work Stations, Safe Packaging Process, regular Temperature Checks of their Staff, and In-House Delivery Drivers on the Gojek like App. Such transparency will help them to win back the trust of the Covid-19 Fear-Stricken Shoppers. 


Are you excited about launching your own Gojek Clone App that can offer Multiple On-Demand Services? Well, then go the Smart Way and launch a Pre-Built App that’s already Market-Tested a hundred times! It takes only a few Days to Go Live with a Powerful Gojek like App.

So, call the Experts now! 


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