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Knowing How To Improve Your Business’s Efficiency And Benefits Of Using Acrylic Printing

Do you want to print your favourite photograph on something more expensive than ordinary paper? It’s now possible to print images on anything from glass to canvas to acrylic with 3D printing as well as a myriad of other innovative methods perspex printing.

Every perspex printing substance has its own advantages. However; if you’re seeking long-term sustainability, acrylic could be the preferred printing material. Here are some of the ways acrylic printing stands the endurance test.

What Are Perspex Printing?

This is a question that is often ask because they are still a new concept. bollard covers In fact, there hasn’t been any agreement in the photography and art community on what they should be called generally, they are the term Perspex and then one of the following: Prints, Art, Perspex, Photos or images.

No matter what you call them however they are visually beautiful and should be considere as a great method to showcase your photography. Perspex Prints are images or artwork print on specially designe photographic vinyl.

This vinyl is then used to attach the image to one side of the 10mm clear and glossy Perspex with polish edges. The result is a work of wall art that is simple to maintain and extremely flexible in the sense that it can be position in any space at home or in a workplace perspex printing.

What Is The Difference Between Them?

It’s been possible to print your photos on a range of media for a long time; canvas prints and Solid Artbox Prints are extremely well-known and are seen in thousands of homes in all of the Unite Kingdom. Perspex prints are sold at a higher cost than these items and you might think they’re not worth the cost.

But when it comes to impressing in a room, these products aren’t up to the mark with regard to the WOW factor. There are many companies in the high-street as well as online that can convert your photos into a medium, so take some look-sees and find whom you think is the best fit for you’re thinking about present ideas perspex printing.

1. Acrylic Prints Won’t Break Like Glass

If you are using more expensive materials other than paper for your photos or artwork Some are more resistant to damage than others. The image printed on glass looks fantastic however, all it takes is a single accident or fall, and your favourite work of art could break into pieces.

If you have an acrylic print you might want to safeguard the acrylic inside the frame, however, even in the event that the frame falls or breaks it’s likely that the acrylic will suffer any damage as a result of the impact of a falling object or a collision perspex printing.

2. Acrylic Prints Can Stand Up To The Sun

Acrylic printing is printed on materials which are made to withstand UV radiation. It is essential if you want to hang your work of art on a wall in which natural light will be reflected and you’ll need something that won’t fade with time perspex printing.

Acrylic is also the ideal material to use if you are planning to put up an image that resembles a billboard or a work of art outdoors, like a big banner inviting visitors to your city during an annual gathering. It is possible to reuse the “Welcome” art piece year after year, without having to worry about it becoming faded.

3. Acrylic Is Able To Withstand The Rigours Of Moisture Or Wet Environments

The acrylic materials you use for your photographs and artwork can be able to withstand Mother Nature. It is still possible to frame the photo in the frame, however, in the event that it becomes wet or if there’s humid air, there is no need to worry about the artwork getting damaged.

4. Let Your Photos Pop And Hold The Vibrant Look

Acrylic is typically used for images or art inspired by wildlife, or extremely vivid images that create a vivid feeling. The colours won’t be as vivid but if the image gets faded as time passes.

With the use of acrylic paint, you’ll be able to rest at ease knowing that the investment you made in this kind of print will last for a long time and look the same today as it did when you first put it up on display.

What Is The Difference Between Normal Prints And Acrylic Prints?

The primary distinction between metal and acrylic prints is the way that acrylic images provide the most vibrant colours and colour vibrancy as compared to metal prints. But metal prints are much cheaper than acrylic prints.

Metal prints and acrylic prints are frameless options that give you an elegant and modern look. They provide many advantages in comparison to canvas prints. They both offer stunning and long-lasting images.

What Are Acrylic Prints?

Acrylic prints are a well-known printing technique that gives an extremely modern and clean option to display prints on wall art. There are two different methods to print acrylic. The first is to print the image or photograph directly onto an acrylic substrate.

Because light refracts through glass, the print displays image depth and amazing image quality. Then, the reverse of the image is seal by an opaque white coating. The other method is printing an image onto top-quality photo paper, and then placing it in between two plates of acrylic.

 The back of this kind of Perspex signs could be transparent, black or white depending on the image. Standoffs made of aluminium are employee to give it an illusion of depth, and to attach frames to walls. This is known as the face mounting technique. While this method is more laborious and costly however, it produces higher quality of colour, as well as vibrant and deep colours.

It also safeguards the image from being scratch or warping over time. Furthermore acrylic prints are lighter than glass and shatterproof and offer UV protection which protects images from getting damage due to UV radiation.

What Exactly Are Perspex Prints?

Perspex Prints are produce by securing the foam core between two sheets of metal, usually aluminum. The image is then print directly onto the metal providing you with a contemporary and long-lasting product that doesn’t fade or warp.

The process of making metal prints is known as dye sublimation. Additionally, most metal prints make use of aluminium due to its lighter and less expensive as compared to other types of metals.

Perspex Prints feature a frameless style, giving photographs sleek, contemporary looks. They are now very well-known, and a lot of people are now choosing this type of print instead of conventional canvas prints. 

The Difference Between Metal And Acrylic Prints

1) Definition

Acrylic prints are modern and stylish prints that are create by printing a photo onto high-quality photo paper. It can then be sandwich in between two plates of acrylic. A metal print will be a beautiful modern print create by sandwiching an elastomer centre between sheets of metal, usually aluminum.

2) Colours

Furthermore, acrylic prints provide the highest colour vibrancy and colour permeation as compared to metal prints.

3) Properties

Acrylic prints offer sharp and vibrant images. They are more lightweight than glass, and shatter-resistant and offer UV protection. Metal prints last, are and resistant to scratching.

4) Price

In general, acrylic prints are generally more expensive than prints printed in metal.


Metal prints and acrylic are prints without frames which give you a clean and modern appearance. The major distinction between metal and acrylic prints lies in the fact that prints made of acrylic offer high-quality and durable images for a price that is high and metal prints offer stunning images at an affordable price.


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The Board Printing Company based in London offers a comprehensive printing service for businesses and individuals. We produce signs for indoor and outdoor use and provide the perfect combination of speed, quality, and affordability.

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