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Know what are fire protection water tanks

Catastrophic fires know no bounds and can happen anywhere irrespective of time and place without any warning. Sometimes fire spreads too quickly. and gives people very less time to call for help. So having a fire protection system with fire water tanks can efficiently speed up the response time. Any organisation or business must invest in fire protection tanks. In recent years, fire water tanks are highly in demand as they offer a perfect solution for dealing with fire disaster prevention and fast recovery. Depending on your respective application, find concrete, steel or e-glass and store a thousand gallons of water. To supply an adequate amount of water at the correct timing is necessary. Fire water tanks help in storing sufficient water.

What are fire water tanks?

Storage of water for any emergency is important. Fire water tanks play a pivotal role in the protection and safety of structures because sometimes municipal water supply can be inadequate to suppress fire under hazardous conditions. They can store sufficient amounts of water to be utilized by fire sprinkler systems and other fire fighting equipment.

What are the uses of fire water tanks?

Fire water tanks have uses in several industries as well as municipalities. Some of the prominent places where fire water tanks are used are:

a) Residential places – Fire water tanks can be installed at residential places where fire spread can be havoc and prove disastrous to people living in apartments.

b) Industrial units and warehouses – The industries dealing with flammable materials can be prone to colossal damage The handheld fire extinguishers will not be sufficient so fire water tanks can be the ultimate solution for feeding into fire sprinklers systems.

c) Forest & parks – Remote forests and national parks are complex to approach so fire water tanks can fill up the fire-fighting helicopters by utilizing snorkels.

What are the advantages of installing fire water tanks?

Fire water tanks have multiple advantages which make them an excellent solution for so many municipalities, industries and warehouses:

  • Weather changes resistant

Fire water tanks are strong and are capable of storing water under varied weather conditions. These tanks are constructed of bolted steel plates which are resistant to rusting. The steel tanks help in protecting from corrosion caused due to environmental factors.

  • Hassle-free integration 

Fire water tanks can be integrated with other fire protection systems with ease. Impeccable integration makes the complete system trustable. Even the spare parts are available.

  • Ideal for emergency

People can not always call the firefighting team at the correct time and municipal water may not be adequate. Big fire water tanks are best for ready to use.

Is maintenance of fire water tanks vital?

Yes, fire water tanks require regular maintenance and they include both internal and external inspection of tanks.

Massive fire can happen anywhere. Fire water tanks offer protection against fire spread and are ideal solutions for numerous industries, warehouses, municipalities and residential apartments. The benefits of fire water tanks are undeniable. Reach out to one of the best and leading suppliers of fire water tanks.


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