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Know every bit about wafer-type check valves

We all know how important the role check valves play in every type of liquid network (like potable water supply network). Wafer-type check valves are one of the common types of check valves that are preferred throughout the world as these valves help in preventing reverse fluid flow and water hammer. Over conventional valves, wafer-type check valves have great benefits to offer. Go through this blog to explore a lot more about wafer-type check valves.

What are wafer-type check valves?

Wafer-type check valves are considered one of the best choices for various applications where flow restrictions, water hammer and mounting space are the biggest issues. Wafer-type check valves consist of a thin disc. It swings to permit or block fluid flow. The media flow is permitted only in one direction that lifts the disc from the seat. When the fluid flows in the opposite direction, the disc gets closed creating a sturdy sealing that prevents backflow. In some cases, a lever or spring can be attached to the disc for a quicker closing time. It can aid in the reduction of water hammer.

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How do wafer-type check valves work?

Wafer-type check valves are used for controlling the fluid flow direction and reducing or completely preventing the possible backflow of fluid in a plumbing system. These valves are also known as oi-line piping valves. Wafer-type check valves have been designed in a way so that they can eliminate the flow of fluid reflux automatically. The fluid flow reflux mostly happens when the process system gets shut down. Wafer-type check valves feature a flap-like disc or wafer which is used for restricting or permitting the flow of liquid. the disc which is present in the wafer-type check valves opens only in one direction & closes shut for sealing the wafer check valve against fluid flow. These valves need less amount of fluid pressure from the system for operation.

What are the applications of wafer-type check valves?

There are various applications for which wafer-type check valves can be used.

>The fast action and their simple operation facilitate their integration into multiple industries, markets and conditions.

>Wafer-type check valves are majorly used for water handling purposes, intake for water purification, desalination system, membrane system, aquariums, wastewater treatment etc.

> Wafer-type check valves serve the best performance even in the chemical industries or dosing of acids, calcium hydroxide etc.

> These types of check valves are used to prevent the backflow in the pumps.


We hope you have liked reading this post about wafer-type check valve. Wafer-type check valves use the swinging disc that blocks or allows the block flow. The design of these valves can be well-fitted in tight spaces. Wafer-type check valves are light in weight and very easy to install. You can reach out to reliable suppliers of wafer-type check valves in the Middle East and GCC region.


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