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Key Points While Renovating A Loft

A loft is a former industrial building (workshop, warehouse, factory, etc.) completely renovated and fitted out to become a home. Do you like large spaces, the industrial style, having carte blanche to create a home that looks 100% like you…? There is no doubt, the loft is the type of accommodation that will suit you ! You can get in touch with Best Loft Conversion Services in Leicester.

This property, you bought it, and now you have to start the renovation work so that it can reveal its full potential. Here are 5 essential points for the renovation of your loft !

1. Loft renovation: the change of destination

When you want to convert a commercial space, a workshop or a warehouse into a home, the question of the change of destination is central. Before the purchase of such a property, it is strongly recommended to inquire with the town hall on the feasibility of the project. Indeed, it sometimes happens that the Local Urbanism Plan (PLU) reserves some surprises. For example, to protect local shops in urban areas, some municipalities prohibit the transformation of former shops into housing.

Changes of use must also be declared to the tax authorities, which will update the cadastral rental value of the premises, used to calculate the property tax and the housing tax.

To find out all about your planning rights, you can request a planning certificate from your town hall . This informative document provides you with an exhaustive list of the rules applicable to your property.

If the planned work is accompanied by a modification of the supporting structure or the facade (this is probably the case in this type of project), you will need to apply for a building permit . In other cases, a simple prior declaration of work will suffice.

2. Renovating a loft: a need for security and comfort

In an industrial building that is not intended for housing, comfort is sometimes very limited. Before considering undertaking interior design work. It is necessary to check the solidity of the structuring elements. Namely the foundations, the elevation walls and the roof . Depending on the state of dilapidation of the property. It will be necessary to consider repair work to guarantee the safety of the occupants of this renovated loft .

Then comes the question of connection to the water and electricity networks , as well as that of the installation of the sanitation system. Depending on the current layout of the networks with regard to the interior design project (rooms to be created, location, equipment), the work may be more complex than expected.

Finally, in this loft rehabilitation , thermal and acoustic insulation should not be neglected . Good thermal insulation is essential for your comfort. It will also allow you to save energy when you need to heat your home. Acoustic insulation is intended to protect you from outside noise but also from noise coming from your home.

3. The importance of diagnostics in the rehabilitation of a loft

At the time of the purchase of your property, the seller will give you the technical diagnosis file for the property . This file will allow you to make a technical inventory of your future loft and to start work on it with full knowledge of the facts!

On a loft renovation, the asbestos and lead diagnoses are very important because at the time of construction of this type of industrial building, asbestos and lead were often present in paints, facade coverings, roofing… The insulation qualities of asbestos were particularly put to strong contribution!

The technical diagnosis file also incorporates the classic diagnoses: gas, electricity, DPE, on-site sanitation. Other diagnoses may also appear (such as those concerning termites, dry rot, natural, mining or technological risks) since they depend on your geographical location.

 4. Hangar, warehouse, loft: an interior in your image

Choice of coverings, equipment, decoration… It’s up to you to imagine your new interior as you’ve always   dreamed of!

There is only one difficulty in this type of dwelling: structuring the space. Indeed, your property has been designed to accommodate industrial machines, store pallets… but absolutely not to live there. Very often, there is no delimitation and you find yourself in front of a huge space with a high ceiling. The very principle of the loft residing on the presence of an entirely open space, we often find the same characteristics there. Generally, the living room is void of any partitions and a mezzanine comes in addition for more intimate rooms such as bedrooms or bathrooms. The secret is to play on the level differences  !

This type of property having only a small opening , it is important to consider the contribution of natural light necessary for your well-being. Do not hesitate to create large openings such as bay windows or a large skylight. To delimit the space without losing brightness, you can opt for a canopy, very trendy in recent years!

On the decoration side, when renovating an atypical property such as redoing an old house , a Haussmann apartment , or a bourgeois house, it is necessary to modernize the place while keeping its authenticity . For the loft, bet on an industrial spirit. Waxed concrete on the floor, exposed stone wall, recycled furniture… There are many possibilities to enhance your interior and give it character.

5. A professional at the height of your projects for your loft

If some see this kind of project as a personal challenge and begin on the work alone, you have to be careful! A novice eye will not necessarily see the extent of the work, at the risk of underestimating certain positions and having to hand over the wallet…

In addition, the risk of technical error is significant. If you want to remove exposed beams, take steps to prevent the roof from collapsing. Ditto for a partition, check before knocking it down that it is not a load-bearing wall. A professional will be able to understand any complications.

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