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Jim Corbett National Park: A First-Time Traveler’s Perspective

Jim Corbett National Park is also known as the Corbett National park. It’s located in Nainital, state of Uttarakhand. In 1973, the world-famous ‘Project Tiger’ was launched here.

Jim Corbett National Park offers a wonderful experience for wildlife and nature lovers. The park covers more than 500 kilometres of territory. The entire area is stunning. Every geographical feature is represented here, from marshy swamps and overarching hills to riverine belts and lakes. This is where you can explore the love of nature via an open four-wheeler Jeep or on an elephant’s back.Also visit our resort in ramnagar.

Jim Corbett National Park does not only house the tiger, but also many other species of wildlife. Corbett is home to some of the best bird watchers in the world. They visit Corbett to see different species of birds.

This blog will share my experiences at the national parks and any other information you should know before you go.

Jim Corbett National Park, India is the oldest national parks. There are many animal species in the park, including Bengal tigers and the leopard cat. Himalayan black bears, Indian grey mongoose, otters, Indian pangolins, etc. Before you plan a trip to the park, here are some things to remember.


Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, North India

Mode of travel

By road

Main Attraction

Tiger spotting, wildlife

The Best Time to Visit

November through February

Nearby Places To Visit

Nainital, Lansdowne

Corbett’s Travel Zones

Six (6)

Choices for Accommodation

In the park

Nearby the park

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National was founded in 1936 as Hailey National Park to help the endangered Bengal Tiger. After Edward James Corbett, who was a key figure in the creation of this park, Jim Corbett National was named after him.

Jim Corbett was an Indian hunter who killed many man eating tigers. British officials called him to kill leopards and man-eating Tigers in nearby villages of the Garhwal, Kumaon and Kumaon areas.

Corbett was responsible for the deaths of many man-eating leopards and tigers in the area. Corbett discovered that big cats were either infected or incapable of normal hunting and turned them into man-eaters. Later, he convinced the government to create a protected area to reduce conflict between man and animal.

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The terrain of Jim Corbett National Park, covering 500 km2, is stunning. Every geographical feature is represented here, from marshy swamps and hills to riverine belts and lakes. The park is home to a variety of fauna and flora.

How do I reach Jim Corbett National Park?

You will first need to visit Ramnagar, the closest town to Jim Corbett National Park. Ramnagar can be connected via train and road to all major Indian cities.

Distance to Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is a popular choice for tourists from the nearby cities, due to its ease of access and distance.

Nainital – 66km

Delhi – 260 km

Lucknow – 145km

Ranikhet – 112 km

How did I get to Jim Corbett National Park by foot?

You can travel to Jim Corbett National Park from Chandigarh, which is located at about a 4- to 6-hour drive from New Delhi. There are two main routes.

1 . It is possible to go via Haridwar first.

2. You can also go via Rishikesh. It is like this: Chandigarh-Dehradun-Rishkesh-Corbett.

We chose the second route to Jim Corbett National Park because of its excellent road conditions. According to the driver, the roads on the second path are in bad condition.

There was only one rule when riding on the bus. The entire trip will be a sleepless one. We did the driving and the driver did the rest. We all had a great time dancing and were full of enthusiasm.

Jim Corbett National Park, India’s largest tiger reserve, is also home to rich flora. Muhammad Sujath Photography

Official Travel Zones Within Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is divided into five ecotourism zones to ensure proper management of tourism activities within the tiger reserve. These zones are

Durga Devi Zone

Recommended for bird watching

Sitabani Buffer Zone

Beautiful, but a little out of the reserve

Bijrani Safari Zone

The closest to the green and reserve.

Dhikala Zone

Excellent for overnight halt inside

Jhirna Safari Zone

Easy wildlife identification

Dhela Safari Zone

Only area of the buffer zone that is open to visitors

How do I book a Corbett National Park Safari?

You can book a safari at Jim Corbett National Park in advance online. Indians can reserve a safari up to 45 days before the start of the safari, while foreigners can do it up to 90 days beforehand.

Ramnagara has many other operators and resort in jim corbett can also book it, but they charge a service fee on the government rate.

A jeep safari or a canter safari are options. The Jeep safari can go to all of the above zones, while the Canter Safari will only go to Dhikala.

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