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It’s Selection Time! Wooden or Vinyl Flooring?

Wooden Flooring In Coimbatore

Vinyl flooring imitates the look of real wooden floors by printing pictures of wood onto PVC material.

Vinyl flooring is less expensive than hardwood floors, however it has lower quality and durability over time.

We’ll go over some of the primary distinctions between vinyl floors and wooden floors in this blog post to help you decide which is best for you, Vinyl Flooring In Coimbatore

Vinyl Floors vs. Wooden Floors: What’s the Difference?

One of the most popular reasons why people prefer vinyl flooring to wooden floors is because they are far less expensive while imitating the look of wood :

The cost of materials is only one thing to consider when choosing broad plank floors––you must also consider installation costs. The cost of installing hardwood floors varies depending on your location and the type of flooring you choose, but you can expect to pay at least 468 per square foot more.

The labour cost of having vinyl flooring installed by a professional will be substantially less than paying a professional to install real wooden floors. This is due to the fact that installing vinyl floors is more easier than installing wooden floors.

Options for Aesthetics and Personalization

Wooden floors come in a wide range of species, treatments, and stains, making them extremely adaptable. They come in engineered and solid types, as well as prefinished and unfinished options. Wide Plank Floor Supply creates totally custom wide plank floors, giving you practically endless alternatives.

We custom-make our floors to meet the needs of each individual customer, so we don’t have any pre-made flooring in our warehouse. Every floor we create is one-of-a-kind. Learn more about how we make our broad plank floors by clicking here : Wooden Flooring In Coimbatore

When it comes to the overall appearance of vinyl floors, they can be mistake for real hardwood at first glance. However, upon closer scrutiny, it becomes evident that they are simply hardwood replicas. Nothing comes close to replicating the patina and look of wood.

Resell Value of a House

Vinyl floors, on the other hand, do not contribute to a home’s market value, whereas real hardwood floors do. According to the National Hardwood Flooring Association, realtors often report that homes with hardwood flooring are simpler to sell, sell faster, and sell for more money than homes with other types of flooring. They do, however, necessitate a larger initial expenditure than vinyl flooring.

Vinyl Flooring vs. Wooden Flooring Care

One disadvantage of real hardwood flooring is that it takes a significant amount of frequent upkeep to maintain its appearance. Every few years, they must also be refinish. Vinyl floors don’t require as much upkeep as hardwood floors; they just need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

While vinyl flooring do not require as much upkeep as wood floors, they cannot be fix and must be replace if they become damage. This is in stark contrast to a wood floor, which can typically be refinishes if small repairs are need. If you choose a penetrating finish, you may simply apply extra oil to repair minor buffs and scratches in the finish.

Environmental Friendliness

Hardwood flooring is good for the environment. They can always be reuse into something else, such as more flooring. You can also use a low-VOC finish to coat the flooring, ensuring that the emissions from the finish are kept to healthy and environmentally acceptable levels. Bamboo Blinds In Coimbatore are another option that will contribute to a project’s environmental friendliness.

Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, isn’t good for the environment. They’re constructed of PVC resin, which contains a lot of volatile organic compounds. Furthermore, after vinyl floors have been removed, they are often unable to be salvaged or repurposed, resulting in waste.


Although hardwood floors take more upkeep than vinyl flooring, they often last far longer. A wood floor can endure decades if properly maintained and refinished when necessary, barring any severe disasters. Vinyl flooring, on the other hand, cannot be fixed and must be replaced if it is damage.

Moisture resistance is one area where vinyl floors outperform hardwood floors in terms of durability. Vinyl flooring are virtually resilient to moisture damage, however hardwood floors will need to be replaced entirely if they are severely damage by water.

Which is Better for You: Vinyl or Wooden Floors?

The answer to this issue is very dependent on your requirements and what you want from your flooring. Hardwood floors will demand a significant initial expenditure but might pay off handsomely in the long term if you want to raise the value of your property.

Vinyl floors, on the other hand, may be the way to go if you simply need new, economical flooring and aren’t wanting to make a large investment. Be aware that some varieties of vinyl flooring may contain high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so do your research to locate a low-VOC vinyl flooring option.

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