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iPad Repair: How to tell if your iPad has Water Damage

Unlike an iPhone, where there is a specific indicator for water damage, it’s not always easy to identify if your iPad has water damage. You’ll need to assess the damage quickly if water has spilled on your iPad, or if you dropped it in the sink or a puddle.

Water damage can manifest itself as a faulty screen or a multitude of other malfunctions or technical difficulties. If you can see visible signs of moisture behind an iPad screen or camera lens, you are likely in trouble. Taking your iPad to an Apple store or another reputable iPad repair shop is an excellent choice.

If you can’t see water damage, you may only be able to discover it by disassembling the iPad. It’s probably best not to try this yourself if you’re not a techie. If you are, look for corrosion or, of course, any other evidence of water or moisture once the iPad’s screen has been removed.

Unmissable Symptoms of Water Damage

iPads combine the capability of a PC with many of the qualities we enjoy about our phones, such as apps and portability.

You can’t picture living without an iPad if you have one. It feels like the end of the world when it stops working. Worse, it can be difficult to tell what is going on at times. Water damage is one of the most common causes of iPad failure.

Take a look at these three symptoms that your iPad has been damaged by water.

1. Do you have an original model? An iPad Water Damage Indicator is Available.

Water damage indications are not available on today’s iPads. On iPhones, they’re known as “liquid contact indicators,” or LCIs. You should have two sensors if you have an original iPad.

They were first known as liquid submersion indicators and were only seen on the first generation of iPads (LSIs). They’re comparable to iPhone LCIs, although they’re located in different locations. The first is located deep within the headphone jack, while the second is located just across from the pins in the dock connector.

To see them, you’ll need a bright flashlight. A magnifying glass could also come in handy. When the iPad LSIs are tripped by moisture, they become red, just like the iPhone LCI.

Keep in mind that the sensors aren’t infallible; some people claim that theirs were tripped by ambient humidity. Still, if your iPad isn’t operating and the sensor has been tripped, it’s possible that water is the cause.

2. If it looks like water, it probably is.

You may not need a special sensor to know if your iPad has been damaged by water. Take a good look at the screen, and then take a good look at the camera lens. Behind these components, water tends to condense.

It may not appear to be droplets. If the screen or lens appears cloudy or steamy, try wiping it clean. If the fog persists, you may be dealing with a moisture issue.
There is no set price for an iPad repair due to water damage, but one thing is certain: if you’re not a computer whiz, attempting to disassemble and repair your iPad yourself will increase the expense of repairs.

3. Think back: Did it get wet

Your iPad may come into contact with various things. If your iPad is protected by a case, getting it wet isn’t a big deal: you just dry it off and move on. Still, it’s possible that one erroneous move will bring the machine to a halt.

If you remember getting your iPad wet and the normal troubleshooting doesn’t work, water damage is a likely cause. Allow it to sit in a dry place for a while. If that doesn’t work, take it in for examination.


If your iPad has been damaged by water, then you can take it to an authorized iPad repair service center, where it will be diagnosed to determine the extent of the damage. Based on our findings, we’ll tell you whether the iPad can be fixed or not, as well as which components are damaged and need to be replaced. We will proceed to fix the gadget and return it to you once we receive approval.

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