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Introduction to Salesforce Testing: Why is it Necessary?


Salesforce Testing refers to the practice of validating the configuration and customization performed in vanilla SDFC. In addition, it allows us to check the functionality of the code and helps in catching issues early in testing.

Types of Salesforce Testing:

Here are some of the most popular types of Salesforce Testing.

  • UAT Testing- This testing allows users to test Salesforce to confirm that the application can support intended business processes. This testing follows test scripts as per business practices where testers verify whether or not Salesforce performs as expected.
  • Production Testing- It includes executing tests within production by the QA team in other environments. Furthermore, it is beneficial in finding whether the configurations and code are pushed into the production environment or not.
  • Regression Testing- It verifies whether the code or configuration releases affected any existing user processes or Salesforce functionality. In this testing, testers need to keep a running list of expected behavior and create test cases.
  • Load Testing- This type of SFDC testing reviews the system’s performance under a specific load. Testers examine how well Salesforce behaves with multiple users accessing the system simultaneously. To further know about it, one can visit Salesforce QA Testing Online Training.
  • Security Testing- It testing helps in uncovering threats, vulnerabilities, and risks within the Salesforce application. It identifies possible weaknesses and loopholes within the application in order to create solutions to prevent cyberattacks.
  • Functional Testing- In this testing, the teams validate the application against the functional requirements and specifications. Furthermore, it reviews each function of the software by providing appropriate input and measuring the output.
  • Integration Testing- This testing helps in integrating software modules logically that are tested as a group. The tests in it aim to expose any defects when these modules are integrated within the application.

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Why is Salesforce QA Testing Necessary?

Salesforce QA allows you to confirm whether the configuration and code are functional or not. It verifies that the finished system can support the client’s business processes. In addition, it confirms that the system’s initial build meets the agreed requirement. Salesforce QA helps you in catching problems easily and allows you to fix them easily at minimum costs. Furthermore, it ensures that teams can create functional flows to know the functionality of the application. It offers a process builders feature that helps you to check the working condition and behavior of the system. Many institutes provide Salesforce QA Testing Training in Gurgaon and one can enroll in them to start a career in it. Apart from these, given below are some of the reasons why this Testing is necessary.

  • Testing improves the application quality and ensures that your Salesforce implementation works as expected.
  • It improves customer satisfaction by helping you in developing a fully functional software tool.
  • Finding bugs in the early phases before production helps in easily fixing them without much cost.
  • Testing facilitates the development process by allowing for incremental code changes and immediate feedback on the changes.
  • It reduces time to market by helping in shortening the development cycle and getting your product to market faster.

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